Miami Neighborhood News

North Miami OKs Chinatown Master Plan

North Miami officials okayed a master plan aimed at creating a new Chinatown district on Northwest Seventh Avenue from 119th Street to 135th Street, per The Real Deal.

The formal name for the neighborhood in the master plan is the Chinatown Cultural Arts and Innovation District, but the city designed the area as “Chinatown” back in February 2016. The plan, which cost the city $175,000 to create, was approved by the North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency.

The master plan, prepared by urban designer Keith & Schnars and completed in July, calls for the municipality to spend $5 million on infrastructure, streetscape improvements, and business grants. The plan also calls for having two gateways to the district on the north and south.

The Chinese design details outlined in the plan, such as red gateways to the district, are only meant to serve as guidelines, and the plan’s Chinese architecture is not a mandatory. However, funds will be available to upgrade streets, put in water features that are really drainage enhancements, and create a median parkway and 10-foot sidewalks, officials said.

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