Per Biz Journals, a buyer has paid $15.875 million for one of the four penthouses offered at Trumark Urban’s 76-unit luxury condo development in Pacific Heights.

The $3,921-per-square-foot price sets a new record as the highest ever paid for a condo in San Francisco. The Trumark development has seen swaggering success in the other units as well. Eighty percent of the condos in the 76-unit building have already sold, generating over $200 million in sales revenue. Trumark Urban managing director Arden Hearing told the SF Biz Journal that sales figures have exceeded their own expectations. 

The dental school building-turned-luxury condo development includes four grand penthouses spanning two levels, complete with individual terraces. Prices range from just under $2 million up to $20 million depending on square-footage, which goes up to 4,000 square feet. Other notable features include 11-foot ceilings, a chef’s kitchen, concierge service, and a private garage with valet service. The penthouses were sold as empty shells, allowing buyers the opportunity to design them according to their tastes.

The development soars above what was once considered expensive, even by Bay Area standards, at $1,000 per square foot. Now? This new record is already in danger of being broken, assuming someone snatches up the $42 million penthouse at 181 Fremont.