For 20 years, the three-quarters of an acre lot at 4146 El Camino Real in Palo Alto has sat vacant. Now, owner Su Chen Juan wants to see if the city will go for a rezoning to allow for 21 multi-family condos on the site.

Since the property is currently zoned for up to 15 residential units per acre, the Palo Alto City Council would need to rezone the space. Initial plans call for seven one-bedroom units and 14 two-bedroom units. Three of the units would be sold below market rate and the size of the units in general would be on the smaller side.

Concerns about unit size and how the new residents will affect traffic were voiced. Support for the project was based on close proximity to businesses and the fact that the city in the midst of a housing shortage and needs to take advantage of opportunities such as this.

Members of the council came away split on their initial support of the project. One councilperson seemed to be against it while another not only supported it but wondered aloud if the developer would consider going even bigger.


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