The Los Angeles Board of Public Works will commit $1.5 million to the overhaul of Pershing Square in Downtown LA. City Council-member Jose Huizar recently announced the contribution, which will be added to the $2 million already raised for the project, courtesy of developer fees. 

Curbed LA reports that after speaking with Huizar, the funds will go toward a feasibility study of the project — a key early step for the Pershing Square redesign, which was announced back in 2014. The plan would flatten the multi-tiered park into one cohesive and level area. However, as Curbed LA notes, that could create an issue with current underground parking at the onset. 

Pershing Square is one of only two parks in that area, located at the intersection of the Financial District and DTLA. Grand Park, less than a mile northeast of Pershing Square near LA City Hall, was created within the last five years. Pershing Square was last redesigned in 1994.

According to Curbed LA, a feasibility study will occur next, followed by an environmental review and community meetings held by Pershing Square Renew (the nonprofit heading up the project).

Photo courtesy of Agence Ter