The Pleasanton City Council recently signed off on planning the construction of a 29-acre community farm as part of a larger city-owned development.

Located within a 318-acre planned development south of Bernal Avenue, the full, voter-approved plan also calls for 570 homes, commercial space, and other open space. The farm will take up two parcels near Laguna Creek Lane on both sides of the I-680 freeway.

Originally intended to be a livestock farm, further research concluded that option too pricey to maintain. So, the farm will be agriculture-based, including vineyards and orchards, and provide a place to teach the community about food and natural practices. Supporters say some of the groups who stand to benefit from the farm include 4-H, Boys and Girls Scouts, and the local school district.

An expected loss of parking space on the property will be offset by parking space gained in nearby Cubby Dog Park, which recently received a grant for improved design.