Homebuyers in Los Angeles increasingly need to earn more money in order to afford mortgages throughout the county. According to a report from the California Association of Realtors, it now requires an income of nearly $100,000 per year ($99,830) to afford mortgage prices on the median home cost ($485,800) in LA.

Recent Census data has median incomes around LA County at $56,000 per year, which means just 29 percent of residents can conceivably afford a median-priced home in LA.

Those numbers are still slightly lower than statewide requirements, however. The California median home price of $496,620 requires a mortgage payment of $2,550 per month. LA County’s median home price is only the fourth-highest in South California, behind Orange, Ventura, and San Diego counties, respectively.

But the home-buying outlook is obviously better in some LA zip codes than others.

While median single-family home prices climbed to well over $1 million in areas like Hancock Park, Sawtelle, Griffith Park, West Fairfax and a host of other neighborhoods, plenty of zip codes show themselves to be below the county median. According to Zillow Research via Los Angeles Almanac, median home prices in neighborhoods like Florence, Watts, Boyle Heights, and Compton were all much lower in 2016.