Just on the edge of Potrero Hill, almost an arm’s length away from the Mission District, lays a stretch of land untouched by man. For now, anyway.

Per SocketSite, the unlevel terrain located at 923-939 Kansas St. is the location of a submitted proposal that would flatten it out in order to build it back up.

RGArchitecture and Dawson & Clinton want to remake the rocky 125-foot, undeveloped site into a modern five-building structure. The buildings will be a mixture of residential units featuring one four-level home, two four-level duplexes, and two five-level duplexes. Each building will have a garage as well. In total, they will be able to hold nine cars. 

The entire process of excavating, street-leveling, sidewalk pouring, and construction is estimated to take two years. In the past Potrero Hill has shot down any proposal for the lots that go over 40 feet in height. The current buildings in the proposal measure 45-49 feet high.