Raiders' Proposed Las Vegas NFL Stadium Offers Sleek Design, Strip Views

NFL franchises in California can’t stop relocating. Last week the Chargers finally decided to move from San Diego to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the Oakland Raiders, who used to play in Los Angeles, are getting very close to filing relocation papers to move to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Got all that?

While the Chargers will eventually move into the Inglewood stadium already being built for the Los Angeles Rams, the Raiders would need a stadium to be built where one does not currently exist. They already put that ball in motion last year and Nevada has signed off on $750 million in public funding to built a new home for the football team.

So what does all that money get you in Sin City?

For that answer we have to turn to Manica Architecture, the Kansas City firm tasked with designing the structure. They know a thing or two about sports stadiums as they create the look of San Francisco's Chase Center and the Wembley National Stadium, to name a few.

 Their vision calls for a sleek, domed stadium that would include 65,000 seats in a horseshoe shape. The open end would provide a straight-on view of Las Vegas’s Strip, driving home the location and identity of the city. A large “flaming cauldron” would be positioned in front of the windows to honor longtime Raiders owner Al Davis.

The dome itself would be clear to allow in the sunlight while the exterior would be silver and black in line with the home team’s colors.

The stadium would be expandable to up to 72,000 for special events, which is sure to include the potential of a Super Bowl or a major college football bowl game.

If the Raiders move forward and relocate, the current plan is for the stadium to be completed in time for the beginning of the 2020 NFL season. The total project cost is estimated to be around $1.9 billion.


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