The Texas Association of Realtors just released its 2017 Texas Homebuyers and Sellers Report and while more single women and minorities are buying homes across the state, obstacles to buying remain for all homebuyers.

According to the report, more single people are buying homes in Texas — particularly women. While the percentage of single men buying homes increased by 2 percent, that of single women buying homes increased by 5 percent to 19 percent of all homebuyers. 

The pool of Texas homebuyers showed some ethnic diversity. Fourteen percent of buyers identified as Hispanic, six percent identified as African-American, and four percent identified as Asian.

The report also indicated Texans are waiting until later to buy homes, but are selling their homes earlier. The median age of first-time buyers increased three years to 35 years old, while the median age of Texas home sellers decreased eight years to 46 years old.

What accounts for the delay in buying? A drop in income, juxtaposed with rising home costs, can be to blame. The report says the median household income among Texas homebuyers declined nearly three percent year-over-year to $94,200, while the median home price paid among Texas home buyers was $215,000 — higher than the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University’s estimation of $150,000 as a typical home price for entry-level and first-time home buyers.