For three consecutive years, Los Angeles set the national standard when it came to the overall installed solar power. For three consecutive years, San Diego came in second place.

Fourth time’s the charm, because San Diego officially topped the Environment California Research & Policy Center’s Shining Cities annual report for installed solar power in 2016.

Citing a 60 percent increase in solar power usage over the course of the year, San Diego not only overtook Los Angeles, which dropped to No. 2, but also beat out No. 3 Honolulu, No. 4 San Jose, and No. 5 Phoenix

In 2016, San Diego reached 303 megawatts of installed photovoltaic capacity, which is enough to power nearly 76,000 homes. In 2015, the power generated would have affected 47,000 homes.

In terms of per capita solar power installation, San Diego came in No. 2 overall to Honolulu.