If approved, the 80-acre SoccerCity development proposed in San Diego’s Mission Valley would include 4,800 new homes, over three million square feet of office and retail space, 55 acres of parks, two hotels, and a 22,000-capacity soccer stadium.

One thing it will not include is any involvement from San Diego State University, who officially opted out of negotiations to be part of the development, per the Union-Tribune

Initial plans included student housing and allowed the university to use the stadium as the new home of their football team. The university is upset about the terms of the deal, the cost of land required to purchase, and that the proposed stadium capacity is roughly 10,000 less than what they requested.

Technically, the school still has until December 1 to agree to the deal or the project; if approved, it will move forward without them. At that point they could still work out an agreement to use the soccer stadium for Aztec football.

Meanwhile FS Investors, the developer behind the audacious project, agreed to new terms with the city. A loophole that would have given them the land needed to build their stadium for a paltry $10,000 was removed and the mayor of San Diego is now expected to back the project. Voters are likely to have the final say in a November special election that will decide the fate of SoccerCity and a Major League Soccer expansion franchise.