As for right now, there are no schools in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco. After two decades of thumb-twiddling and data-crunching, the city’s school board is finally ready to change that.

A vacant 2.2-acre lot at the corner of Owens Street and Nelson Rising Lane was set aside by developers for city use back in 1998 with an option that expires in 2027. In that time, the area has been a boom in housing units and school enrollment, making it the right time to move forward with those long-gestating plans.

Some expect the school district to see 7,000 to 14,000 new students in the coming years and their plans call for the construction of an elementary school that can handle the demand and look to the future. The leading proposal calls for a structure with a 90-foot height to accommodate extra amenities such as a technology center and even housing for teachers.

San Francisco voters passed a school facilities bond last year that included $100 million for the construction of two new schools, so it’s not a matter of money. The board is expected to give the project the go-ahead sometime in April.