This November will be the 40th anniversary of Harvey Milk’s election into the San Francisco Board of supervisors, and the city is celebrating in style.

 To celebrate the date, the company behind Bay Lights and the Summer of Love light show, Illuminate, will be creating a rainbow light-art piece at Harvey Milk Plaza in The Castro neighborhood, per SF Curbed.

 Atop the former Bank of America at Harvey Milk Plaza will feature 15 rainbow lights shooting straight up into the sky at night. The art installation, dubbed Harvey’s Halo, will be available to view for seven nights starting November 8.

 Something a little more permanent will also be installed in the plaza — a neon white sign with Milk’s iconic quote, “Hope will never be silent.”

 Per SFist, “a crowdfunding campaign to fund the two pieces has so far raised about half of its $60,000 goal.”

 Additionally, The Friends of Harvey Milk Plaza, the American Institute of Architects San Francisco, San Francisco Public Works, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, and the San Francisco Arts Commission are deciding on a new design entirely for the Harvey Milk Plaza.