In the northwest corner of San Francisco lies a neighborhood of commuters and one bus line to take them all downtown.

Per Curbed SF, Richmond District has a big problem: too many people and not enough transportation. Recently, District One Supervisor Sandra Fewer has made it known that the current transportation system simply won’t do anymore.

With more than 16,200 commuters on a system that maxes out at 16,800, commuters living in the western side of San Francisco have limited options for getting to work or downtown. As for now, there is no underground transit system running into the Richmond District, only a bus and plenty of drivers.

Fewer has partnered up with the San Francisco County Transportation Authority and submitted a request to study the possibility of BART expanding to the Richmond District. With any transit funding they may receive via this request, Fewer hopes there will be enough for a Muni subway to go along 19th Avenue. If approved, the expansion of the BART system may go as far west as Sixth Avenue.

The request is in conjunction with a Bay Area-wide effort to support a potential ballot measure, Regional Measure 3. The measure looks at the possibility of a toll increase on local bridges between $1 to $3 to help fund transportation projects.