Hockey fans can be a different breed, especially during Stanley Cup Playoffs season. Their dedication comes out in team logo tattoos, questionable food and drink consumption choices, and now includes some serious home redecoration.

The NHL’s San Jose Sharks are picking five fan homes to get repainted teal to show off the homeowner’s unwavering support for their favorite franchise as part of its “Sharks For Life” marketing campaign.

Sharks fan Theresa Beech was the first selected winner and, as The Mercury News reports, her black-and-white Los Gatos cottage is now bright teal. As part of the campaign, the house must remain that color for at least one year and hang a plaque claiming it as an “Official Teal House of Sharks Territory.” The paint job is valued at $6,000 and former Sharks player Dan Boyle, team executive vice president Flavil Hampsten, and mascot Sharkie all showed up to unveil the home.

The other winning homes that are getting a similar paint job are located in San Jose, San Francisco, and Pleasanton.

According to the team, fans can also just go ahead and paint their own homes teal and, so long as at least 73 percent of the building is the right color, they’ll receive a plaque, too.

Beech, who agreed to the paint job on behalf of her Sharks fan son and husband, told The Mercury News, “it’s way better than I thought it would be.”