Santa Clara County city Saratoga’s historic downtown district, The Village, has a big upgrade coming on the horizon.

According to the Mercury News, the Saratoga City Council confirmed this month that most of the first phase of the Village Policy Update Process will move forward.

The first phase of the update features two parts: “The Village Vision” and “Parking Circulation.” The vision portion refers to protecting and respecting the historic aspects of the area with an aim for the Village to become a hub for the city. Updates include expanding The Villages’ borders, adding more retail spaces, incorporating art in the area, and expanding parking. 

The planning commission's goal is to highlight and recreate the 19th century feel in new developments. They plan to balance that with supporting retail and restaurant tenants that the community has requested.

Phase II is currently under discussion and the Saratoga City Council is expected to meet before the end of the month.