When people talk about the best neighborhoods in Plano, Texas, they usually point to West Plano. It has ranked No. 1 in The Dallas Morning News' annual list of best neighborhoods two years in a row thanks to top rankings for schools, safety, and commute.

But if everyone thinking about moving to Plano is looking in one direction, they might be missing out on some up-and-coming opportunities elsewhere. 

Who knows what’s up-and-coming better than the people of Plano, and writer Ashley Madonna recently called out three hidden gem neighborhoods in Plano Magazine that locals and homebuyers might want to turn their attention to in order to be a part of the next big thing in town.

Within West Plano, she suggests taking a closer look at King’s Ridge, where the average listing price ($591,190) is slightly below the rest of the region. Not only are you still close to all the things that make West Plano so attractive, but you also get to live in a slightly bigger house.

In Central Plano, Pitman Creek Estates is the neighborhood of choice. Flippers and renovators have already discovered the potential of this older area, but there’s still a decent chance to get in and find a reasonably-priced house. The average list price currently comes in at $453,567.

Finally, over in East Plano, frugal home shoppers might want to consider Los Rios. Not only are the price points much lower (average of $266,111) but there's lots of open land and quiet nights, making it an ideal spot for a family’s first house.