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Springwoods Village Looks to Commercial Development to Attract New Residents

Springwoods Village in Spring originally came into existence as a mixed-use master-planned community that spanned 2,000 acres. When construction first began, the community was developed around the new business campus created by Exxon Mobil. The largest employer in the area, Exxon Mobil established the campus to house its 10,000 employees. With employees from Exxon Mobil forming a large number of the first residents at Springwoods Village, the community rapidly grew, especially as it welcomed new homeowners employed by nearby Southwest Energy.

Despite its initial strong growth though, Springwoods Village has seen its numbers fall short of projections, according to Community Impact.  Perhaps due to changes in the global oil economy or the impact that Hurricane Harvey had on home sales throughout Houston, the number of residents moving to the area has slowed. While there are as many as 750 residents now living in the village, according to the Community Impact report, the original projections for the community were that 1,200 residents would have moved in by the end of 2015.

Courtesy of Springwoods Village

Developers said the growth was still expected to happen whenever the market was ready. Part of attracting even more residents may come in the form of the commercial properties being developed within the community. While residential development has slowed as the developers wait on vacant homes to be filled, commercial development has continued at a brisk pace. The 171,000-square-foot shopping center, The Market at Springwoods Village, is poised to expand. Already occupied by numerous shops that range from grocery stores to eateries, The Market will be expanding by up to 200,000 square feet during its second phase and welcoming plenty of new businesses. 

Part of future development in Springwoods Village will also include the 60-acre CityPlace. Once completed, construction in the area will include 12 mid-rise office towers. The first of those towers will include two retail spaces on the ground floor, greenspaces for residents and employees, and a walking path that connects the many office towers. Parking garages will be located behind the office towers as well, providing plenty of parking for both employees and those arriving to shop at the various retail spots in the area. Part of the development will also include a 10-story Marriott hotel and a Star Cinema Grill. In total, the property developers are packing the area with entertainment destinations, shopping locales, and extensive office space.

Despite being a suburban destination away from the center of Houston, Springwoods Village may weill be embracing a little bit of the urban life in the form of CityPlace. Plus, considering the location of the community close to Interstate 45, residents always have the option of traveling into Downtown Houston within 30 minutes if they want a real urban experience for the day.

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