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Study Ranks Gilbert, Arizona As Most Prosperous U.S. City

City Lab recently reported on a new study that looks at results from the Economic Innovation Group’s 2017 Distressed Communities Index (DCI) to analyze disparities among large U.S. cities when it comes to economic growth. Using data collected from 26,000 zip codes, seven criteria were rated — housing vacancy rate, adults not working, the poverty rate, median income ratio, change in employment, and change in business establishments — to determine America’s most and least distressed cities.

Coming in as the No.1 least distressed city was Gilbert, Arizona, in which 99.9 percent of its population reside in zip codes considered “prosperous.” It’s the only large city that reached the 90th percentile in the study. The ranking speaks volumes for the city that is widely recognized as an up-and-coming mecca for professionals and young families. 

Chandler also impressed by coming in fourth with 64.9 percent of its population living within prosperous areas. Rounding out the top 10 was Scottsdale. The city known locally for opulence holds strong with 60.9 percent of its population living in prosperity.

On the flip side, Tucson ranked No. 10 on the most distressed city list. Tucson has struggled in terms of job opportunities, especially with Phoenix so close by. However, the city seems to be improving with the addition of major employers such as Raytheon and Ventana Medical Systems.

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