Texas Added 400,000 Residents Last Year -- The Most of Any State

It’s a well-known fact that people continue to move to Texas in large numbers. Whether they move seeking work or just warmer weather, the migration to Texas has been steady. Now we know more specifics about those numbers. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas added nearly 400,000 new residents last year, the most of any state. But not all of the growth comes from immigration.

U.S. Census Bureau population estimates say Texas added a total of 399,734 new people last year, an amount roughly equal to the population of Arlington. That’s especially significant because Arlington is the state’s seventh largest city. Following this increase, an estimated 28,304,596 people now call the Lone Star State home.

The population growth comes from three sources. By far, the largest source of population increase comes from births, which account for 404,311. The number of births far exceeds the number of deaths, 194,621.

Immigration from other countries accounts for 110,417 new residents.

Domestic immigration, the number of people who moved to Texas from other states, added 79,163 people.

Even though Texas had the highest number of new residents, it still ranked in second place as the state with the largest total population. California still takes first place in that category.

Texas also did not have the highest population increase by percentage. That honor went to Idaho, which grew 2.2 percent. Both Idaho and Nevada, the state with the second-highest population increase, saw their numbers climb due to people moving there from other states.

Utah, which ranked third for population increase by percentage, saw its numbers grow due to more births than deaths.

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