A city's residents take a lot of different considerations into account when they decide which neighborhood to live in. As many city infrastructures move away from accommodating vehicles and towards accommodating cyclists and pedestrians, the ability to live in a neighborhood without a car is a growing desire. Neighborhoods.com took a look at the latest Walk Score, Transit Score, and Bike Score rankings in order to find out which neighborhoods in Los Angeles might be the most ideal one to live in if you're looking to go car-less. It might sound crazy to live in LA without a car, but based on the lifestyles and amenities available in these neighborhoods, it's certainly possible.

Downtown LA

It's no surprise to see Downtown LA as the top of the list for easiest neighborhood to live in without a car. The grid-like structure makes navigation easy and you're in prime territory to take in many of the city's biggest entertainment and sports options without setting foot inside a vehicle.


Chinatown might not be a neighborhood people think about these days when it comes to easy-to-get-around enclaves but it's the only region with a perfect Transit Score. What it lacks in cycling access it makes up for with walkability. Anything you need is well within reach thanks to a central plaza.

Exposition Park

Right next to USC, there are plenty of amenities, restaurants, and entertainment options here. Expo Park continues to expand with the arrival of multiple big projects, including the George Lucas Museum. Expo Park/USC Station, Metro Silver Line bus rapid transit, and extensive bike lanes make it very easy to get around without gassing up.


This self-sufficient region includes everything you need in walking distance and provides easy access to bigger shopping and restaurant centers nearby. The Transit Score is a bit lower than most other neighborhoods on this list but it's made up for by a high Walk Score and pretty solid Bike Score.


Using Hollywood Boulevard as the centerpoint, you can find any kind of market, restuarant, or shop pretty easily without ever leaving the region. Buses run regularly and the light rail offers a solid option for getting around the city. Of course you'll have to deal with bad traffic no matter the time of day.        


Data Courtesy of Walk Score - 2017