Miami offers a variety of transportation methods that make the city very easy to live in without owning a car. Whether its a bus, bike, or a stroll through Miami's beautiful neighborhoods, getting around the coastal city is a breeze.

There are three generally agreed-upon metrics for determining an area’s walkability: Walk ScoreBike Score, and Transit Score. took all three scores for each Miami neighborhood and averaged them to determine which neighborhoods are best for kicking your car to the curb. Here are the ten best neighborhoods in Miami for people looking to easily move around the city without owning a car. 

Photo by FrickFrack / CC0


Not only is Downtown Miami easy to navigate on foot, public transit, and bike, the views you get by traveling outside a car can't be beat: The area is populated with lush greenery, and views of Biscayne Bay are everywhere. The Downtown area also is pretty small in size, making the neighborhood and all it has to offer very accessible without a car.


With its art deco architecture, colorful murals, and historic sites like the Lyric Theater, Overtown is a treat to experience without a car. Overtown station provides a hub for public transit in the neighborhood that many locals live near and use on a daily basis.

Little Havana

Little Havana is another vibrant Miami neighborhood whose sights and sounds make it best to experience on foot. Calle Ocho, the center of the neighborhood's action, is a hotbed of Cuban cuisine, music, and culture. Mediterranean-style stucco houses and Cuban cafés seem to occupy every corner of the neighborhood.  

Wynwood / Edgewater

The cosmopolitan Wynwood / Edgewater area is filled with eye-catching hi-rises that provide easy access to the Miami Metrorail and Metrobus. You'll see many people on foot, including people walking their dogs, joggers, and other exercise enthusiasts, enjoying the urban streets lined with sidewalk cafes or the waterfront greenspaces.

Photo by FrickFrack / CC0


While Allapattah is a more residential part of Miami, that doesn't stop anyone from walking about the vibrant parks and businesses of the area. The neighborhood also offers several Metrorail stops for an easy downtown commute.