The Most Instagrammable Spots in Las Vegas

Social media has become an essential part of day-to-day life. While we can debate whether or not that’s a good thing, these platforms can be a great way to showcase your brand, style, or just the epic weekend you had with your pals. And what better place to do that than in Las Vegas

Not only is Las Vegas one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but according to MarketWatch, it’s also one of the most Instagrammed places in the world. The #LasVegas hashtag has been used over 35 million times on Instagram

Although the city as a whole is picturesque, some specific spots deserve a little extra attention. Get your filters ready, because these are some of the most Instagrammable locations in and around Las Vegas. 

“Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” Sign - Paradise

The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you don’t have a picture in front of the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign, were you really ever in Las Vegas? This sign is located at the southern edge of Paradise and is so iconic that millions of people visit it every year. A fun fact about the 25-foot sign is that you can actually own a piece of it. explains that when the lights on the signs are replaced, they are sold as souvenirs and the proceeds go to charity. 

The Fountains of Bellagio - The Strip

Dancing Water Fountain in Las Vegas photo by Shutterstock

If you want a “Hey, I’m in Vegas” pic and you only have time to visit one place, go to the fountains in front of Bellagio Las Vegas on The Strip. It is quite simply a stunning sight. Although the ideal pic is right in front of the fountains, it can get really crowded, especially at night. There are a lot of hotel rooms, bars, and restaurants that have the fountains in the background that also make for good photo spots. Get the perfect pic without the crowds. 

Foundation Room - The Strip

Mandalay Bar photo courtesy of Joseph Hunkins / CC BY 2.0

If you want one of the best views of the entire Strip, it’s worth visiting Mandalay Bay’s Foundation Room. Not only is the lounge gorgeous, but so is the view from their patio.

What makes it so special is that it’s high up on the 64th floor and in the southernmost hotel on The Strip. This means, if you get the angle just right, you can get a pic with the entire Strip as your backdrop. The unique art, decor, and statues inside the Foundation Room also make it a great spot for some dope Instagram pics.

Other great spots to visit on The Strip to get great skyline pics for social media include the High Roller Observation Wheel, Drais Beachclub Nightclub, and the Eiffel Tower viewing deck

Street Art  - Downtown

"Horned Toad" photo courtesy of Jay Galvin / CC BY 2.0

If you want some unordinary Insta photos, do yourself and favor and go Downtown. The Arts District has tons of buildings with gorgeous graffiti and murals on them. This all began in 2013 as the public art was the backdrop for the first Life is Beautiful festival. Most of the art is done by local or guest artists.

Some of our favorites include “Horned Toad” by Belgian artist ROA, "The Art Motel" by Santa Fe art collective Meow Wolf, and the massive lotus Mandala piece by Cryptk. You can track these pieces down with the help of this Street Art News rundown.

Neon Museum - Downtown

The Neon Boneyard Park photo by Shutterstock

Also Downtown is the Neon Museum, a legendary place to get an Instagram pic. Not only is this venue a visual treasure for social media, but the museum is fascinating and creative. Dedicated to preserving and showcasing iconic Las Vegas signs and other memorabilia, it’s a fun stroll down memory lane while you find the right sign for your perfect picture.

Springs Preserve - Downtown

Photo courtesy of Springs Preserve

The Springs Preserve is a cultural institution located in the northwest section of Downtown. It is also 180 acres of gorgeousness. The complex has botanical gardens, museums, walking trails, wildlife, galleries and event venues. Visitors will have tons of places to get a great picture and surprise people who don’t realize a place like this exists in Las Vegas

Hard Rock Hotel Guitar - Paradise

The Iconic sign of Hard Rock Cafe photo by Shutterstock

A pic in front of the Hard Rock Hotel’s iconic guitar is a go-to, but it’s something that people might not be able to do much longer. It was just announced that the Hard Rock Hotel was purchased by billionaire Richard Branson and would be renamed Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. When asked by the Review-Journal, Branson said the “signature guitar in front of the property would probably not survive the rebranding.” Perhaps it’ll end up in the Neon Museum. 

Valley of Fire State Park - Overton

Valley of Fire State Park

Yes, outdoor places in the heart of the city like Bonnie Springs, Red Rock, and Mt. Charleston are all picturesque, but the Valley of Fire State Park deserves some extra love. Located in Overton northeast of Vegas proper, Valley of Fire is 46,000 acres of gorgeous landscape, nature, and scenery that will enhance any Instagram feed. The area is so stunning that it is a favorite spot for weddings, let alone Instagram photos.

Seven Magic Mountains - South of Las Vegas

Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains is a large-scale public art exhibition about 15 minutes south of Las Vegas, between Jean and Sloan. Even though the location it is a bit of a drive, it is worth the trip to get a picture in front of the beautiful and colorful boulders. Position yourself so you get the mountains in the background and you’ve got the perfect selfie spot.

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