If you’re looking to date, it helps to know where you’ll find like-minded singles. Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, we found the areas in the U.S. with the most percentage of single or unmarried people. We also weighed that percentage against an income-to-home-cost ratio, so these cities—besides being singles hotspots—also are affordable. 

The populations of these 10 U.S. cities have a high percentage of single people. Learn more about each area and scope out potential date ideas. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, some of these date locations may not be open or have limited hours. Be sure to follow any local and federal safety guidelines when venturing out. Happy dating!

An illustration of a map of the United States showing different hot spots for singles
These cities in the U.S. have a high concentration of singles.

1. West Hollywood, California

People gather on a patio at a restaurant in West Hollywood California
West Hollywood has a vibrant nightlife perfect for singles.

Median Home Price: $729,400

Top Age Range of Singles: 30-39

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 16% women, 23% men

West Hollywood, or WeHo if you prefer its moniker, is a buzzy area that seems to embody all that you expect from California living. It has more than one Trader Joe’s and a vibrant, never-need-to-sleep nightlife scene.

Date Idea: Go to brunch.

West Hollywood has a surfeit of potential date options, from nightclubs and trendy restaurants to simply strolling down Sunset Boulevard. If you are a sucker for the classics, WeHo has plenty of options for a brunch date. Try The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker for classic brunch fare, or brunch with French flair at WeHo Bistro.

2. Sun City, Arizona

Median Home Price: $145,800

Top Age Range of Singles: 70-79

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 21% women, 7% men

The first of three Arizona cities that make the list for top singles spots, Sun City is a 55-plus community. The sunny streets and bountiful golf courses make it an attractive spot for the retirement years.

Date Idea: Catch a show at the Sun Bowl.

The warm weather of Arizona makes an outside date a popular pick. In the spring and fall, Sun City’s Sun Bowl, an outdoor amphitheater, hosts concerts, and other live entertainment.

3. Sun City Center, Florida

Median Home Price: $169,700

Top Age Range of Singles: 70-79

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 17% women, 7% men 

Sun City Center is another 55-plus community with a high percentage of single residents. Designed to be self-contained, this community has a wide array of amenities and services to make life convenient and enjoyable.

Date Idea: Go to a show.

Sun City Center regularly hosts outdoor concerts at the north campus gazebo, and it screens movies at the Rollins Theater. Pick a show that strikes your fancy for a date night.

4. Green Valley, Arizona

Median Home Price: $167,800

Top Age Range of Singles: 70-79 

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 17% women, 7% men

The majority of people living in Green Valley are over the age of 55, giving the community a relaxed feel. Reasonable home prices and proximity to the major city of Tucson make it an attractive place to call home.   

Date Idea: Shop the farmers market.

The Heirloom Farmers Market runs every Wednesday in Green Valley. The different stalls at the market feature fresh food and local artwork. You and your date can just browse, or you can buy some local fare to cook a meal at home together.

5. Sun City West, Arizona

A golf course with palm trees surrounding it in Sun City West Arizona
Sun City West and its golf scene are popular with the 55+ crowd.

Median Home Price: $201,900

Top Age Range of Singles: 80+ 

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 17% women, 7% men

Sun City West is all about golf—the 55-plus community has access to seven courses. It also has a wide variety of other amenities, including a bowling alley and a movie theater.

Date Idea: Play 18 holes.

With so many courses at your fingertips, it seems natural to take your date out onto the green. Make it a friendly competition or just take pleasure in the game.

6. Ferndale, Michigan

Median Home Price: $148,100

Top Age Range of Singles: 20-29

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 11% women, 11% men

Ferndale, a part of the Detroit metro area, has a wide selection of home types at reasonable price points. You’ll find plenty of bars and restaurants along Woodward Avenue. Located in a state where recreational cannabis is legal, Ferndale also has a couple of dispensaries.

Date Idea: Take a paint and sip class.

If you want something a little different than dinner and a movie, Painting with a Twist allows you and your date to flex your artistic skills while sipping on a glass of wine. If you’re looking for a more intimate setting, they also offer at-home kits.

7. Euclid, Ohio

A park with autumnal trees in Euclid Ohio
Euclid is affordable and has beautiful coastlines on Lake Michigan.

Median Home Price: $81,400

Top Age Range of Singles: 50-59

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 13% women, 9% men 

Euclid, a suburb of Cleveland, is located on the shores of Lake Erie. This burb has plenty of open space in the form of parks, a golf course, and a nature preserve. 

Date Idea: Head to the beach.

While the Midwest may not have ocean access that the coasts do, many areas still have beautiful beaches thanks to the Great Lakes. Plan a day date at Utopia Beach or Arcadia Beach. Surprise your companion with a picnic or just enjoy one another’s company by the water.

8. Seal Beach, California

Median Home Price: $358,700

Top Age Range of Singles: 70-79

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 15% women, 8% men

Seal Beach is located in Orange County. Right on the ocean, it offers beautiful views all year long. You’ll find a mix of attached and single-family homes in this coastal city. 

Date Idea: Bird watch.

With such easy access to the water, it seems like a natural idea to incorporate into your list of potential dates. For something a little different, try spotting different species of birds at Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge.

9. Lakewood, Ohio

Median Home Price: $147,900

Top Age Range of Singles: 20-29

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 12% women, 10% men

Another Cleveland suburb, Lakewood offers beautiful views and beaches on Lake Erie. Detroit Avenue and Madison Avenue are the city’s two main thoroughfares, where you’ll find restaurants, coffee shops, and bars.

Date Idea: Sip on craft cocktails.

If you want to go above and beyond the classic drinks at the bar date, schedule a tasting and a tour of Lakewood's Western Reserve Distillers, which makes handcrafted vodka, gin, and bourbon. Enjoy the artfully distilled liquor on its own or sample from the cocktail menu.

10. Santa Monica, California

The famous Santa Monica pier to the left of Santa Monica beaches
Santa Monica and all its exciting amenities make for perfect date nights.

Median Home Price: $1,242,100

Top Age Range of Singles: 30-39

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 13% women, 11% men

Santa Monica has plenty to attract singles with its beaches, art galleries, and the ever-famous Santa Monica pier. Expect sun, sand, and plenty to do in this quintessential California city.

Date Idea: Take a stroll in Palisades Park.

Santa Monica Pier might be a tempting date option, but if you are looking for something a little quieter and more laid back, grab a couple of treats from Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee and take your date for a walk in Palisades Park


Looking at areas with a population greater than 19,999, we determined the top areas using data from the U.S. Census Bureau for the percentage of single or unmarried people living there, the city’s median home price, and median income. We created an income-to-median-home-price ratio and weighed that against the percentage of single people to create a score, which determined the top cities.