Since 2015, Los Angeles’ Great Streets initiative has focused on improving some of the busiest and most iconic streets in neighborhoods around the county. Some of the biggest projects have included well-known thoroughfares like Crenshaw Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard, and Pico Boulevard, but Venice Boulevard was right up there with the rest.

Recently, the $1.8 million project to make the Mar Vista portion of Venice Boulevard safer and more pedestrian/bike-friendly saw its completion. The revamped street now includes:

Signaled crosswalks:

Four new pedestrian crosswalks are located at Boise Street, Meier Street, Mountain View Avenue, and Ocean View Avenue.

Restriping intersections:

Existing intersections will be restriped with clearer “zebra” crossing areas. 

Pedestrian head-start:

Walk signal will begin a few seconds earlier than the driver green light to help make street crossing safer for everyone and to avoid right-of-way confusion on turns.

Bike lanes:

Curbside bike lanes and designated parking lanes will allow for clearer and safer road-sharing for all vehicles. A painted buffer zone between cars and bikes will also provide a clear and safe demarcation.

Venice Boulevard has shown itself to be a dangerous area for pedestrians and cyclists, with 48 injuries occurring there since 2011 according to Great Streets. Changes like these are aiming to cut down that number by creating greater separation of cyclists and cars, and adding more effective signage on the aging roadways.