You already knew the San Francisco housing market was crazy. But did you know the San Francisco driveway market was just as nuts? Perhaps even nuttier? 

Per Hoodline, over in the Outer Richmond neighborhood, a 7,200-square-foot shared driveway is for sale asking $35,000. Apparently the corporation that bought the land and built the houses kept ownership over the driveway (for some reason) and now the property is owned by someone who purchased it at auction (again, for some reason). 

So what’s going on here? Let’s dive into the listing write-up to find out.

There is a driveway that people use to get to their homes that you can own. You can't build, have to pay taxes, ins & any other expenses.


You can...Impress friends that you own real estate in San Francisco.

You have a very low opinion of my friends.

Makes a great engagement present.

It was this driveway or the trip to Trinidad & Tobago.

And for you out-of-the-box-insane-loving-ideas-tv-show-kinda-dude/dudette:

Nothing good will follow this...

Air Rights.

We were right.

You'll own the air above. This way, you can blackmail the U S Navy to pay you a fee to fly over your air space for Fleet Week.

Get a price to removal all of the driveway cement, sell off a piece of San Francisco to collectors around the world and pay for a new driveway & a profit.

We’re thinking there’s only one person who is going to profit from this sale and it ain’t the buyer.