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South High School

Bakersfield, CA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2161


South High School
1101 Planz Road
Bakersfield, CA 93304
(661) 831-3680
South High School is located in Bakersfield, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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South High School has a wonderful environment with the newest changes with the campus's remodeling. The students have a good vibe with one other and they seem to click and become friends easily. The teachers here are great and are willing to help you in about everything they can to make you succeed. councilor's are also there to help you out with whatever you need to do to keep you on track with what you want to do, such as prepping for college. there are also clubs that the students may be interested like the link crew, they are there to help out the freshman with just about anything like finding there class helping them meet other students and get to know more people that are in the upper classes and get socialize with everyone. there are many interesting about south high that people don't know about and they can be so critical and just assume things. the school is a wonderful place to be at and home of the rebels.
I am a teacher who has been in the KHSD for over 13 years and 3 different schools. We have some of the best educators in the district our AP students can compete with any school in the district. We do not have the problems that most people assume we have. I could have taken another position at another school, but our students are great and i can't see myself anywhere else. Rebels for life.
All of my current teachers are obviously very well learned in what they teach and go beyond what is expected. They continuously inform us what are goals should be and how we can get there. I am in GATE classes and my peers and I are constantly competing academically. We're constantly reminded of the different clubs & sports there are & are always being encouraged by staff to join. There is a group of upper classmen(seniors/juniors) who come into our classes and talk to us about how we can get involved & what we need to do to succeed. They constantly tell us that if we need help, whether academic or personal, we can ask a teacher to contact them or just look for them during lunch or passing periods. We have a new principal this year and I have seen her many times during lunch talking to students & at school activities. I participate in sports & every coach will tell you the same thing, first come grades then come skills. You may be the best athlete but if your failing a class or not doing your work then you won't get as much play time. At South your ethnicity or social/economic background doesn't matter, what matters is the type of person you are. Here you will always find friends.
Ok the postive first. I had great communication with several freshman teachers. To the extent in which cell numbers were exchanged. So we had daily, contact regarding my child. On his Participation, and work that he completed or didnt complete. So for those teachers i give a 5 star review. There was staff that were too busy trying to be cool, and friends with the students. That when i was there, i felt they were able to shoot the breeze in the office ,if they had a good relationship with certain staff members. So office staff I give a 2 star. So the students. Now sure there is good and bad in all schools. I seen lots of bullying, after school, and other things that wont be posted on this site. I feel that they need to improve security , durning all hrs of the day as long as there is students on campus. Overall i give south high a 2 star review
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