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Littlerock High School

Littlerock, CA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1483


Littlerock High School
10833 East Avenue R
Littlerock, CA 93543
(661) 944-5209
Littlerock High School is located in Littlerock, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 2 out of 10
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I graduated in 2019. The only commendable and honorable program and teacher from this school is the band program and instructor. He's changed a lot of kids lives with the programs he's run over the years. He's truly here for his students and wants us all to succeed and do our best. He and he alone is the only reason I graduated from this school. He motivated me and believed in me like no other teacher and he alone is the only reason I am giving this school a good rating and recommending it.As far as the other teachers, in my personal experience- none of them taught me a thing. The math department is lacking significantly. The English department was good my freshman year- but the teacher I had then left the school my sophomore year. They want you to figure out the work for yourself- if you have a learning disability like dyslexia or ADHD, they will not help you, nor be understanding. If you are undiagnosed with this- they also will not care enough to notice or help if you are struggling. Yes, LHS is a poor school and we may be looked down on for that- but that is not something that is important nor significant as far as I am concerned. College readiness and real world preparedness is what is important and this school fails. I do not believe this is the student's faults. The only reason I feel I was prepared was because of the values and lessons taught in the band program. Truly. I became responsible, learned leadership, felt more obligated to focus on my grades, and I learned to not give up and to try harder to improve myself. So if you do look into this school and end up attending- join the band. It's the saving grace and silver lining of this school. It gave me hope that I would turn out alright and survive after high school. What I learned in LHS's music program, and the memories I made are absolutely invaluable. It's what made me happy, thankful, and proud that I went to such a school.
Although many other schools may look down on us, Littlerock High School has made many improvements. We are known as "the poor school" throughout the antelope valley. I haven't met a person from another high school that doesn't know the reputation of our school as "poor". But, this doesn't affect our students. The majority of the school scores in the advanced-proficient categories of many state testing, this is a huge improvement from the previous years scoring in the below basic categories. The schools condition isn't amazing, and the environment inst beautiful, our sports equipment and uniforms are on their final thread, but the teachers passion for teaching and understanding of the students is what makes the school like no other.
I graduated Littlerock High in 2011; I have to say it was a good four years. When I started as a freshmen I have to say that lunches were horrible because of the A and B lunches; either A lunch was to empty and B lunch was too packed. The system they were using was really not helpful but after they changed that and just gave us all one lunch and more time it seemed much better and opened more food carts. The teachers are pretty good, they have more life then I thought they would have. They would teach us what we would have to learn and still have fun and joke around with us. Most of my classes were fun to be in, yes I did have friends in my classes but I didn t slack off. I did my work when I needed too, the teachers did their jobs, if the student had a bad grade it was not really because of the teacher it was because of the student not turning in work or missing class. Littlerock was a overall good school, we rarely had any fights and when we did the security would stop them right away. Littlerock is a safe school and the teachers are great.
The teachers don't give enough of a challenge for the students, nor does what they teach have any significant meaning; if it's even correct. The assignments are easy to do in a fraction of the given time, and don't require all that is given for the small papers.
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