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Belvedere Middle School

Los Angeles, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 972


Belvedere Middle School
312 North Record Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90063
(323) 266-5400
Belvedere Middle School is located in Los Angeles, CA and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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My son was a student at this school and overall the experience was horrible. The teachers and administration are incapable of performing their jobs. I feel really sorry for the kids that go to this school, there is a real need for mentors and leaders to inspire students in this particular community but unfortunately this school governed by a bunch of incompetent buffoons that have no business teaching or running a school, the staff is confrontational and ineffective at handling their jobs or if problems should arise, the teachers don't really care about the student's education but rather just getting their paychecks, taking care of business in the "hood" and scurrying back to their houses in the westside.
I began my teaching career at Belvedere 10 years ago. I am so disappointed that things have not changed. 1) Parents should call Sacramento and speak to staff members in the STAR (Standardized Testing and Reporting) office. They should demand that unannounced visits be made to Belvedere during STAR administration. If talking is going on during the STAR test, the testing must be invalidated. That will make LAUSD stop the talking during STAR at Belvedere. I suggest creating a phase out, phase school transformation at Belvedere. Create a new school, that is on a different floor or section of the campus. Bring in a new grade in the new school in the fall, as you eliminate enrolling for that same grade grade in the old Belvedere. The new school will be held accountable to improve behavior and academics and school culture Parents would be part of the new school's stakeholder group, for the academic, behavior, and cultural progress of their children. Make the new school an IB or pre AP school. This same process could be repeated in other schools in the district. It would create a better school. Students and the community deserve a change at Belvedere.
I attended this school from 1986-1989. You cant judge a school by how the students act. I myself was an honor student all three years while I attended Belvedere. I have the best memories from this school. Students act the way they are being taught at home. So if the kids are bad, in no way does that mean the school is bad. At the end, it comes down to the student. How much does she/he want to go ahead in life.
Belvedere MS is in dire need of reconstitution! Everyone at that school needs to reapply for their position. Unfortunately, the staff is engaged in adult agendas and politics, which leave teaching and the students behind. The students and the community deserve more caring, responsible educators. It's disturbing when teachers express that they are tired of hearing that it's always about the kids! The teachers have held this school hostage and they are failing our students!