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Veritas Elementary School

Manteca, CA
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  • Grades K-8
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  • Enrollment: 938


Veritas Elementary School
1600 Pagola Street
Manteca, CA 95337
(209) 858-7390
Veritas Elementary School is located in Manteca, CA and serves grades K-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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Great..having new to the area. I am very impress with this school.
Iam shocked to read all about the complaints. I as well had a bad experienced with the staff in the office. I met a lot of parents in school and they said the same problem . "The staff from the school office are very rude!". To all parents out there who had encountered the same problem/issue. File a complaint to the District or lets all meet and file a complaint as group.
Dee in the front office is exremely rude. Everyone cowers when she is around. I have even heard her yell at a teacher in the office in front of people. The yard duty seems mad all the time and they are also rude to the kids in the cafeteria during lunch. Not a good school in my opinion.
Just moved to Manteca from the bay area mid school year. I went to register my daughter and the ladies in the front office seemed like they did not want to be bothered by me. On her first day of school I was allowed to walk her to class so I could meet her teacher. She wasn't in the room. All of the kids were out playing and as we were standing there waiting a young girl fell and scraped her knee and was screaming. There were NO teachers around. She was probably screaming for a good 5 minutes until we just couldn't take it anymore and went over to help. She had a pretty good cut that was bleeding down her leg. We had to search the entire playground to find a yard duty teacher. Finally our teacher showed up. We asked about the process for after school pick up and she said its "supposed" to be a closed campus but the parents have been able to come through the gates, which really concerned me. I fear for my child's safety at this school with no teachers watching these children and anyone being let on to campus. My daughter has complained about being teased and no one helping her at lunch time. She got lost because no one told her where to sit and she ended up with the wrong class. I asked the teacher to help her out since she was having anxiety about this but she didn't even respond to me. Fast forward a few days, I come home from work and my little one is telling me how she got tackled and pushed by a boy. She had a gash in her hand and scrapes on her knees. NO ONE FROM THE SCHOOL CALLED ME TO TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED. I had to find out from her and then around 730 that night I get an email from teacher trying to explain the situation. That is unacceptable in my eyes. If my daughter is hurt I need to know about it ASAP. She's been complaining non stop about this school...she has anxiety about it and she is only 7!!!
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