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Bella Vista Middle School

Murrieta, CA
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 1374


Bella Vista Middle School
31650 Browning Street
Murrieta, CA 92563
(951) 294-6600
Bella Vista Middle School is located in Murrieta, CA and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 8 out of 10
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I would rate this school 3/10. I am a student who attended here for my very first year of middle school. I am a straight-A student who loves to learn and work hard. Let me just say, Bella Vista put a really bad taste of middle school in my mouth. I will say, that this school was very good in teaching. The teachers are amazing, and did such a good job at teaching. But the kids were just out of control. On the bullying subject, it happened weekly. And it became normal for me to have to get away from the scene and read a book or something else to distract me. The fights I witnessed were really bad, that have resulted in lots of injuries. I am talking about blood, and broken bones, and bad wounds. There had to be AT LEAST 1 fight a week. It was usually the same kids over and over again which leads me to the point about no discipline. Us kids are in middle school now, and some of us are already teenagers now. Then maturity level of that school was so low and for kids who are 11-14 years old, they need to be taught discipline. Simply, all the staff would do is take the students up to the counselors office. The counselors wee no help at all, and simply tell you to stay away from each other and be nice. The only time staff would consider writing you a referral was if you directly and physically touch others. As a teenage girl, I have been involved in drama and I know that words can be just as hurtful as physical violence. When my friends and I have had drama, that resulted in broken friendships and lots of tears, the counselor's did not help us at all. Like I said, they told us to stay away from each other and e kind. As a girl, I know that we can be emotional and at this age in our lives, we need lots of support to get through the rough times of becoming a teenager. I was really disappointed to have barely any support, help, or guidance from staff members to help me get through it. Also, the kids had become so used to foul language and dirty jokes. I can't count how many times kids have flipped of staff, and cussed intensely at the staff members. Not only were the things that they said inappropriate, but hurtful. If you are a parent or student thinking of coming/sending your child to BVMS. Please read this and take it to heart to truly think if this is the best place to send your child. You know my opinion, and I meant every word of it.
About to go in my *th grade year I already expect a wild year with mor and more kids doing drugs in the bathroom or the locker room . Or the constant fights it always keep me in the now and a little iteresting
My son is new to BVMS. His teachers have all been very nice and generate interest in learning on the part of my son. The office staff have been very professional, warm and welcoming.
My child attended BVMS 6th-8th grade, he earned high grades during each year and I was pleased with his academic achievement. His teacher's were competent and qualified to educate my child, who is an outstanding student. Even though the front office staff was always very pleasant, I was extremely annoyed with having to deal with the offensive, disgusting BV parents in the school parking lot. Everyday, parents lacking patience or intelligence, would pick up their children, and if anyone got in their way or caused a delay, those drivers would shout obscenities or get violent, at other parent motorist. If the parents' conduct serves to indicate how the students will behave, I would stay far away from BV MS.
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