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Oaks Middle School

Ontario, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 7-8
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  • Enrollment: 820


Oaks Middle School
1221 South Oaks Avenue
Ontario, CA 91762
(909) 988-2050
Oaks Middle School is located in Ontario, CA and serves grades 7-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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The only hope for Oaks Middle school is a complete reset of administration, otherwise, this will continue to be a failing school
I don't know why these comments are all negative stuff. But, Oaks is a really awesome school. The marching band is super good and possibly better than OHS band.
My child attends this school since last year, currently in 8th grade. As an “A” student with a horrible math teacher last year, my child feared being in her classroom, and disagreed with the negativity of this teacher. This specific teacher had a student teacher in her classroom, and I believe her job as a mentor teacher was to be a role-model and set a strong and positive foundation for this student teacher. Instead, she would spend the day telling the children under her supervision; that they were “the worst class,” that “education was free, “aside from many other abusive and prejudice comments. Being a working family my husband and I were appalled by her comments. When I told my child I was going to be meeting with this teacher my child was petrified! Crying and begging not to do it, I listened and respected my child’s decision. This year I am finding that this year’s 8th grade math teacher sits most of the class time, and does a 20 minute lecture. When the students have questions she makes comments that are belittling to the children such as; “I’m going to teach you right now!,” “and mocks struggling children, who ask questions making comments such as; “I already taught that!” and when a child asks a questions, she shuts them down and tells her students “just sit over there, you don’t even do anything either way!” I do not know what other resource to go to, but to make this a known fact! If there are other parents out there please write your comments so that our voices can be heard! Our children are not getting a “FREE EDUCATION” we are all tax payers! Superiors, I hope you get an opportunity to read this and go over the annual mandates in regards to child abuse with your staff!!!!
The office admins are cruel they probably hate kids, and they don't listen to anything , they love to make mountains out of molehills. Literally touching someone or give someone a nickname, the school will label it as sexual harassment or bullying and you'll be suspended They still have a uniform policy, which is a thing of the 19th century. The teachers are nice, some are very nice while others need to remember we're in a middle school, this isn't a college campus, stop looking for so many specific things and nitpicking at our work The way they teach Algebra 1 here is broken, they do a "flipped classroom". They expect students to go home and watch videos, but by the time the year is into full swing, they copy out of the textbook, teachers know that an average teenager will get lazy and do the easy way. Inside the class, math is taught for only 20 minutes, then they expect you to fully know it. More than half the students in every alg 1 class are a d or lower The staff also loves to pull up the "Distraction" card on hats, beanies, pics on binders etc. it isn't a legit excuse, anything can be a distraction I can't wait to leave this school, 3 more months and I can enjoy school.
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