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Charles Maclay Middle School

Pacoima, CA
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 570


Charles Maclay Middle School
12540 Pierce Avenue
Pacoima, CA 91331
(818) 686-3800
Charles Maclay Middle School is located in Pacoima, CA and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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I attended Maclay from 1-12 grade. It was a wonderful learning environment largely free from prejudice or bullying. The teachers were almost uniformly excellent and I was extremely well prepared for college. I would happily send my own kids there.
In response to the previous review: Teachers create culture. Culture is dynamic, by definition. We as teachers/staff have the opportunity to engage with wonderful volunteer parents and others to create a positive culture here. I believe that individual empowerment is much more powerful in creating positive change, than negative generalizations which impede the progress we seek. I personally am currently learning more about the power of the tongue. For some reason I am slow to learn; I think I'm being upfront and task-oriented in a positive way, with the best of intentions, but careless words still escape my lips, revealing roots of faulty, negative stereotypes - and bringing conflict instead of positive change. The lesson is painful but I embrace it and will continue to seek to grow, empower, and bless. There are so many eager students and good teachers here! I want to rise up and meet those (who are from this culture) who have gone up ahead of me. I think of my teacher hero, Jaime Escalante. He didn't wait for the student culture to catch up to him. He invented the culture. Let's do what it takes, (inside ourselves first), to join him. :-)
Until the culture of the school changes it will not be a good school. This is the school where good kids come to be punished by the vast majority of students who do not want to be there and try to ruin the educational experience for everyone else. The teachers and staff care immensely about the students and their education, but it is impossible to teach when you have to play the role of police officer most of time. The student population as a whole could not care less about choosing a diploma over parole paperwork. When all but 3 students are the problem it makes it very difficult to do anything. I would like to see parents sitting next to every problem student. If mom or dad has to take off work to discipline their student every time they go crazy in the classroom I think it would end the major behavior problems. Maybe the "breakfast in the classroom" program would even mean more than just having items to start a classroom food fight. The students can do the work, they refuse. Whether it is a cultural issue where a good education is not valued in their home or just a loss of control at home by the parents, something has to be done. None of the faculty let their kids go here.
I'm Valerie Malespin grade 7, now going on to 8th. This really is a great school, with teachers working hard to get their students engaged in learning and to help them understand that education is very important. There is only one problem, some of the kids at this school are a bit too ingnorant and caught up in popularity that it is what makes them slip, if they could just be pushed in the correct direction, then all will be well. There are many helpful and excellent programs at this school that will help the students academically such as; the 'Determined to Dream' reading program and the YS+ program. You've may or may not have heard what people say, that this school is 'ghetto' and bad, but really, see for yourself, don't just believe what the end of the grape vine tells you, see for yourself, the kids have grown so much and the school, too. This is coming from a former student, this is a great school and I will probably never forget about it. This wonderful school deserves a four.
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