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Kraemer Middle School

Placentia, CA
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  • Grades 7-8
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  • Enrollment: 1086


Kraemer Middle School
645 North Angelina Drive
Placentia, CA 92870
(714) 996-1551
Kraemer Middle School is located in Placentia, CA and serves grades 7-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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Kraemer leadership strongly emphasizes student involvement in their broad array of activities and clubs. This leads to engaged students that care about their school and each other.
Hello everybody I am an 8th Grade Gate Student at Kraemer Middle School. Generally I love almost everything about this school!!! It can provide a challenging and enriching education full of group participation and student involvement and immersion. The elective choices at Kraemer are superb- there are robotics classes and video-production classes for the tech savvy, as well as an outstanding leadership program, AVID, and a TPRS (comprehensible imput) Spanish class. Kraemer also has 4 language classes- Spanish, Chinese, French, and Japanese. Their arts program is also amazing, from their elite level Orchestra, undefeated Dance Team, award winning band and colorguard. Kraemer has a lot of academic and sports clubs after-school that can provide more options to improve your education. For example, I take part in the Science Olympiad program, and I represented Kraemer at the Caltech CA state finals in April 2016 (We got 2nd overall). There are many other after-school clubs as well, such as MathCounts (also succesful), Coding Club, Spelling Bee, and much more!!! Finally, I really like the teachers at Kraemer, particularly the GATE teachers. Some of the best teachers at Kraemer (These are not the only great teachers there are a lot more) include Mrs. Collins (Social Studies), Mrs. Smith (Ms. LaBare, Language Arts), Mrs. Filipescu (our well-known TPRS Spanish teacher), Mrs. Samson (Leadership and Activities Director), Mrs. Fierro (Social Studies and AVID), and Mr. Christiansen (Science and Video Productions). As for the people who say that Kraemer does not care about traffic, I have something to say: Although Kraemer is in an awkward situation, with Valencia High School next to it on one side and houses and the park on the other side, you can tell that they care about traffic when you see the principal nearly every day at the drop of/pick up zone conducting traffic. The principal goes out of his way to improve traffic at Kraemer. If the principal cannot make it another staff member (teacher) takes his place. There is no way to improve the traffic situation, so you just have to deal with it. One solution is to arrive earlier to pick up your kids. There is truly something for everyone at Kraemer and it is very easy for you to fit in!!! Kraemer is an exceptional school, with excellent teachers and staff, and I am glad to be here everyday for school.
I'm an 8th grade honors student at Kraemer middle School. Kraemer has a lot of great clubs and programs like G.A.T.E. The only downside to Kraemer is that there happen to be a lot of trouble makers, but overall there are plenty of G.A.T.E and honors students who make up for that. The school has many programs and after school clubs like Science Olympiad,M.E.S.A,Robotics, and a lot more(majority of the clubs are academic). This goes to the parent who said that they "think" that the school doesn't care about the traffic. They do but they can't really make any more lanes unless they destroy the nearby homes which would cost a lot of money. You just need to be patient or figure out a better time to go drop off your child. The line normally takes 3-7 minutes depending when you go, but when it is a rainy day you should go slightly early.Kraemer Middle School is separated by 3 different class levels mainstream(now called college prep classes this school year), Honors, and G.A.T.E. being one of Kraemer's proudest programs. Keep in mind if you want to get into honors and you're a top student in the mainstream classes just ask the teacher or counselor and you may get the chance to change classes. Kraemer has P.R.I.D.E which occurs only Tuesday-Friday which is why Monday is a longer day. P.R.I.D.E is 30 minutes long and was made so that students could have time do something academic such as homework or maybe try and shoot bottle rockets. Kraemer creates a lot of possibilities for your child to make an improvement and a great advancement in his/her education. I highly suggest you go and see the G.A.T.E classes and take a tour with Mr. Carmona
only two days at school..... well, dont like it so far. I agree with one of the parents mentioned that the teachers are not really teaching GATE kids... also, the traffic is terrible.. I think the school needs to do something.... but, I asked all the previous parents.. I think the school is not really care about the traffic...
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