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Seaside Middle School

Seaside, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 827


Seaside Middle School
999 Coe Avenue
Seaside, CA 93955
(831) 899-7080
Seaside Middle School is located in Seaside, CA and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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Student Diversity



Native American
Pacific Islander
Two or more races

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I, as a student attending this school, think that Seaside Middle School (SMS) is a pretty good public middle school. If you're looking for some type of pretty landscape, neat, perfect school, then you should be searching in the "private schools section". There is cursing, but I highly doubt other middle school students don't curse. The technology is pretty updated, students are all given a free laptop (which we all have to return to the school after the school year), the smart boards and stuff are all pretty new, and...... Next year we will be having two electives a day and there are plenty of choices, I'd say around 15 or so? There's Orchestra and Band (beginning and advanced classes) and Jazz Band (which is advanced-advanced Band), Computer Science (advanced and beginning), Choir, Ceramics, Art (painting, sketching, etc.), Japanese and Korean classes, Dance, Leadership, Photography, Digital Arts (designing school clothing, website, etc.), Psychology, Creative Writing, Film Study, AVID, SMS Editorial (online yearbook creating), Weight Training, Wide World of Sports, Outdoor and Wilderness Science, and Garden Science. (There's more I think) The teachers are wonderful, and the students are pretty nice (unless you offend someone for no reason). Overall, I definitely think that your child or you should come to this school and see how it is. By the way, we're always the winning team in basketball, soccer, and other sports so...... ;)
In my opinion I think Seaside Middle School is an alright school, Even though it's not one of the best schools in California it's worth coming here to learn plus it's an easy school . One thing I think this school should in prove is their responsibility on the student . Also girls at SMS should have more responsibility to clean the girls' bathroom. The leadership is an elect class which is fun & entertaining for students to gather and help each other . But the school is okay & good .
I think Seaside Middle School is a great place for students. Although I feel that the school needs overdue improvements, it offers a safe learning environment to all students. Also, there are lots of great activities, Rocket Club and Art class to name a few. The teachers are supportive, cooperative, and fun. I had an exceptional math teacher that fell into those 3 categories. The students were disrespectful sometimes, but were easy enough to deal with. Overall, this school is a great one!
This school is not perfect, but then again no school is. It has flaws just like others. As a student, the first thing we students should do is complain, but if you actually think and try to understand the school you'll find out things. One thing is that there are many things that our middle school has to offer. It's diverse, there isn't just one predominantly known race, but a explosion of cultures. This is nice because you don't feel like there are standards to be accepted. W.E.B is a program where at the end of 7th grade they select people to welcome the new wave of 6th graders to a new life at Middle School. I'm in this and it is truly amazing to see the happy smiles on the kids faces when they find out that the 8th graders aren't horrible. I'm also in leadership and this class is available to 7th and 8th graders. It's fun and cool. Seaside Middle is where many skills are developed and it also provides a RSP program for kids with special needs. The counselors and teachers are amazing. SMS might be a diamond in the rough but it's truly worth the value. This school is where your child can truly spread it's wings and fly. Hope you choose this school!
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