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Portola Elementary School

Ventura, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 551


Portola Elementary School
6700 Eagle Street
Ventura, CA 93003
(805) 289-1734
Portola Elementary School is located in Ventura, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 8 out of 10
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Student Diversity



Pacific Islander
Two or more races

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Very interesting due to diversity, our family had learned academically, socially, emotionally, is a school where everyone feels super welcome, personnel are polite and dedicated, safe. Office staff know all the families, families need to volunteer more. I don’t feel forced to fundraise but I do it because I think is important to pay for field trips. There are many ways to help that don’t requiere money. Most children are friendly and emphatic. I see them smiling a lot.
For all of you considering Portola for your child's education, PLEASE read ALL the comments about Portola, and don't be swayed by the negative comments of a few people who have made it their passion to undermine the outstanding education and student support this school provides...because they did not always get their way while involved with Portola...and because they were not able to see the big picture when thinking about what principals and teachers go through to successfully educate our children.The truth is Portola teachers will go the extra mile to get what is needed to help our children become all they can be! Not because of test scores, because they actually care about our kids becoming intelligent, clear thinking, happy adults. Do we really think they like having to fundraise to get the math programs and other essentials needed to help our kids? I really doubt it, but they do what they must TO HELP OUR KIDS! If you don't like being asked to help, don't blame the school...go to the District, go to the California Lottery...ask them why our school aren't getting what they need!Having had children complete their entire elementary careers at Portola, I have spent a great deal of time on their campus, volunteered for many years, and have had many conversations with teachers and their current principal...and have always come away impressed with how dedicated they are to EACH AND EVERY child's personal success. As previously mentioned here, I also experienced groups of adults at Portola who didn't always get their way, so have set out to damage a fine schools reputation. Shame on you! Thankfully, these people moved on, and Portola can dedicated its energy to the positive, inspiring educating of our children! THANK YOU PORTOLA FOR THE PART YOU PLAY IN CREATING WONDERFUL STUDENTS!
This school may appear great on paper, but parents beware. The principal here sees your child as two things: a: a test score and b: a $ symbol. The principal at Portola is a bully, horrific at providing even the most basic customer service to parents, and is even more horrific at interacting with the students. The sad part is is that while a few of the teachers are fantastic, the majority of them are only interested in making sure parental money comes flowing into the school. They do not wish to be held accountable with how it is spent, nor play by the rules. I have to question adults (the principal and teachers) who demean and belittle the efforts of their PTA volunteers and demand a certain amount of money from them. Is that really what you want your student a part of? I cannot tell you how many times I heard the principal talk about nothing but test scores and money. Money, money, money. It is disgusting. This school could improve greatly by the administration and teachers there remembering that parents are not their ATM and that the students are not there only to test well and become little drones.
My daughter is in first grade. Each year I have been more and more impressed with the quality of education at the Portola School. Their program is dedicated to educating students not only in basic skills like reading, writing, and math but also in training children to be good citizens. My husband and I love the community feel of the school. Families are encouraged to be involved, but also are not pressured if they cannot. We enjoyed many opportunities to support the school in fun ways: carnival, family picnic days, book fair, etc. I always felt truly welcome and appreciated. Their homework program is consistent and organized, and designed to give students experience with their studies in everyday life. It's so nice to live close to a school of such high caliber. Kudos to the Portola team!
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