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Mclane Middle School

Brandon, FL
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 624


Mclane Middle School
306 North Knights Avenue
Brandon, FL 33510
(813) 744-8100
Mclane Middle School is located in Brandon, FL and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 1 out of 10
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Coming from a student, this school is fantastic. I am in the Stem program and I travel all around the country for championships with my team. This school isn't at all what you think. The teachers are affective, and I have seen my classmates get better grades than they have before. This school takes bullying seriously, too. I think this is a great school, and you shouldn't judge it based on the incidence that have occurred in the past.
My experience with the school has been disappointing.
I live across from Mclane and get to see the school on a day to day basis. I feel so BAD for those kids and the TEACHERS. I watch children fight with weapons while going to the bus, so bad they have to release bus riders in "waves" so the police and teachers can control them from fighting while getting on the bus at dismissal. The school looks like a little prison camp, metal gates with locks all around so they cant get out nor in. (And it is a prison, when you hear over the radios "quick, Lock the gate!") They require multiple police officers on staff and still despite that I have seen ambulances almost weekly carrying away students and Teachers who have been injured. I have watched CHILDREN been taken away in handcuffs on a weekly basis. And yes, i have photos & videos of this chaos. They have "No fail days" (it's announced weekly over the very obnoxious loud speaker system that protrudes the entire neighborhood) so show up and you pass, where is the learning? They are supposed to have a dress code, where I have seen 11 children actually abide by it. Those who follow rules are the ones who are targets. I have watched a young 6th grader everyday (who is in band, because he carries an instrument) RUN, like he runs FOR HIS LIFE from 5 bullies (obvious 8th graders but they are the size of a senior in high school) at the buses. (Again, what is the age range at this school...10 years old to what.. 17??? like my neighbor's child who is repeating the 8th grade for yet another year) The young child cuts through my yard. My husband is a Marine, and rather large one, so once the bullies saw him outside on our porch they stopped at the road (and starred my husband down), the child, we directed a better "short cut" for escape. This is control? This is safety? This is BECAUSE they have decided to BUS kids in from downtown Tampa 15 miles away, and mix them with the children of Brandon. And you wonder why so many kids are home schooled? I WILL NOT send my KIDS to these schools until the state decides to "rework" their boundaries and place kids in school where they belong.
While no school (especially middle) is perfect, McLane is trying. We've tried some many strategies since I've started working there. It's been 5 years now and we've got a principal that is making lists, strategies that are WORKING, and teachers that are on board with the changes. We've started PBS - a positive behavior system- that the kids are starting to know and love. When they're on task, they receive Viking Silver which they can use to purchase passes during lunch for Court & Field, Media Center, and Patio. Quarterly they are able to purchase entry into a bigger event, like a dance, our Viking fest, a talent show... the like. We also plan on starting a Viking Store where they can buy things they may have forgot, like pencils/pens, notebooks, deodorant... things they may need to be successful for the day. We want the climate to be positive and productive. We're on a big move forward as a school and in the right direction. For any of you that are worried about your kids, we're happy to have you as a parent shadow and for feedback or ideas you may have! Also, if you'd like to volunteer for anything or events, we'd be happy to have you! We want to be successful in helping your kids be successful.
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