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Forest Ridge Elementary School

Hernando, FL
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 735


Forest Ridge Elementary School
2927 North Forest Ridge Boulevard
Hernando, FL 34442
(352) 527-1808
Forest Ridge Elementary School is located in Hernando, FL and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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Horrible. Go out of their way to dismiss disabilities and refuse to provide proper and appropriate education.
My daughter has been attending this school for 4 years. This schools principal is not impressive. She only does the absolute minimum. Basically she shows up. She walks around the school like a zombie. My daughter has been attending for the last 4 years and she still doesn't know her name or even care to remember her. Favoritism in this school is very present. Children of staff and/or members of the PTA will get picked to do anything and everything they want. While the rest of our children need to exceed above and beyond just to get the recognition the staffs children seem to get for just being there... This year they have a new middle aged woman at the front desk. Her name is Nicole or Nicky and she is a really rude and obnoxious individual. She scowls at children and parents whenever she chooses. She's uneducated and acts on a daily basis holyier then thou. God forbid you ask her a question or sign out your child early. She will scold you and always speaks down to you as she is better then everyone. This school is not impressive. Some teachers are impressive and do go above and beyond yet most Sit on their phones at the younger children's recess not watching them at all. It's disgusting that we as parents allow this school and these individuals to act the way they do. More parents should voice their experiences on what happens at this school. I know many who have been treated disrespectfully by staff and the principal.
Thanks to Ms longacre for being a great teacher for my son! He has learned exceptionally in this grade !!
My oldest Child attended there for 3 yrs and her last year was horrible. Bullying , teacher playing favorites with other children that parents were local business owners in the area . My youngest had a wonderful time as her teacher was devoted to all her students and no favorites. I witnessed several teachers in higher grades in somewhat of a mocking form of way to special needs children .. All because they thought they where better and their children which where perfect students in their eyes on the Honor Roll every 9 weeks. I disliked going to the school for any other issues ,because it's good ole' who you know county. I also knew of other parents that stated that several teachers where always of Facebook accepting friend requests while they where suppose to be teaching . They are suppose to be educating our children. The best part of it is that they are going to better schools.
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