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John E. Ford K-8 School

Jacksonville, FL
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  • Grades PK-8
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  • Enrollment: 633


John E. Ford K-8 School
1137 Cleveland Street
Jacksonville, FL 32209
(904) 630-6540
John E. Ford K-8 School is located in Jacksonville, FL and serves grades PK-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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This is our second year at JEF and I am always impressed with the teachers kindness and care for each individual child.
Disappointing but hopefully improving. There is slow progress. Her loving teachers and friends make this all so difficult. My baby began speaking early. Knew her alphabet by age 1. She could read at 2 1/2. By age 3 competently read aloud from Shel Silverstein and fully understood addition, subtraction, borrowing concepts and the distributive property of multiplication by the age of 4. Somehow, my child is not in gifted. The test was issued on her birthday and during the last week of school (a time chock full of distractions and an unprofessional period for testing for a new 6-year-old, in my opinion. The timing possibly could not have been helped by the tester or could have just as easily been a calculated move to avoid a separate test for 5 and younger). She missed "gifted" class by a small margin. I have spoken with a woman at the school board in charge of Exceptional Education and Student Services. She confirmed my child as an exceptional student. Although when I notified the school of her intellect before enrolling they assured me each class had two years ahead, with the Montessori method. But she is not allowed to move ahead in 3rd-grade work, apparently, while the teacher is out. My husband and I have gotten a better result in the last week communicating with the principal but the school year is nearly over. This is after parent-teacher meetings and the last involving the guidance counselor. She is now scheduled to work with the school's math coach but look how long this took? Three teachers and two principals later. This is so sad. I will say, go to the top if you want faster results at this school, rather than working on the teacher level. It may feel uncomfortable going over the teacher's head but communication and, temporary, livable results come from cutting through corners although there is more waiting. My child is advanced and often complains of boredom and the results are slow getting work that is challenging. Communication with the present 2nd-grade teacher is difficult even when she is at school. Although it is medically necessary for her to be absent the communication with the substitute(s) and teacher assistant has dropped to an uncomfortable zilch, in spite of my efforts. I feel everyone who needs to know about my child is officially notified and MAYBE now, if not gifted classes, she at least won't be further stagnated. Now more waiting.
My son started kindergarten in this school. He is now about to enter middle school. Ever when we moved closer to another school, he has begged me not to change his school. He has been an honor roll student every report card... I don't care for a select few employees there, but the majority of the school is great.
I love this school my son is in Mrs.Luecht's class and she's a wonderful teacher she does everything possible to make sure my son learns everything that's needed for him she also keeps up with his IEP's and she's always coming up with ideas to make my son progress with my son having a learning disability I thought it was going to take him a while to adapt and learn things but not at john e ford they are making sure he get's it and understands it Ms.Grace is excellent also she's very involved and loves my son I could not ask for a better school for him thank you john e ford
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