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Markham Woods Middle School

Lake Mary, FL
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 1168


Markham Woods Middle School
6003 Markham Woods Road
Lake Mary, FL 32746
(407) 871-1750
Markham Woods Middle School is located in Lake Mary, FL and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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The opinion below about a female 6th Grade science teacher as poor is an understatement. If its who my child had: Bolin-Hines she should have been fired a long time ago. Very lazy and avoided doing science experiments unlike the other science teachers. Was disorganized and input wrong grade on test where my child received an A , but she put a D then changed it to B and would not let us have our child's folder with work in it to review. Our child managed to get folder and there was the test = A !!??? Most of the work for "Science" was reading and filling in worksheets--essentially test prep . VP of school when I spoke to her about lack of novel assignment requirements in Advanced Lang. Art--said "Oh we find that reading novels does not give us the FSA results we are looking for" Basically, saying it doesn't result in the higher numbers game we are looking for... Till this day I am shocked at that blatant reply. Appreciate the honesty though...Principal is not an Academian, many aren't in Fl. He's most interested in curbing the amt. of fights that break out regularly. If you are looking for a dumbed down educational experience for your childand poorly prepared for HS and beyond on a national level than keep your child enrolled here.
This is a good normal school. Most teachers are good, except the girl 6th grade science teacher. There are a lot of fights in the school, maybe about once a week. Some students get arrested. The arts programs are amazing, I finished drama 1 and I'm going to drama 2 because it was so much fun! I am also taking band, Mr. White is very funny. Overall it's a okay school.
I was bullied physically, verbally, and emotionally at this school the entire time I attended it. I told the school counselors, all of my teachers, and even resorted to telling the principle, who told me that they couldn't end the bullying because they didn't know who was doing it, even though I told them several times exactly who was bullying me. I do not recommend this school. I feared for my life every day I was forced to go, and eventually my mother ended up pulling me out of it because both my brother and I were physically assaulted at this school. I would never trust this school with my children because I know that the staff doesn't protect the students, and I would never submit them to that sort of abuse. If you send your kid there, I feel sorry for them.
Coach Terry Porter harassed me almost everyday for not dressing out in gym class. I have severe anxiety and I was being bullied in my class. The next year, I had a different coach, and Terry still would come into my business and tell the female coach to make me dress out or write me up. When I was not in his class anymore, he should have stayed out of my business with my new coach. He was totally inappropriate. He should be written up or fired.
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