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Socrum Elementary School

Lakeland, FL
  • Public
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 535


Socrum Elementary School
9400 Old Dade City Road
Lakeland, FL 33810
(863) 853-6050
Socrum Elementary School is located in Lakeland, FL and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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I would never recommend this school to even someone I don't care for! I have never seen a school who's staff honestly thinks that they have more of authority over your kids then you do. And will really try to scare you and use your rights against you. They will try to change your judgement as a parent with your child. Saying they're crying wolf when sick. And so on! Which I don't think so, not this Momma and DAd. The office staff always has an attitude and takes their sweet time to help you. The teachers forget it.. Sadly most of them should not even be a loud to teach especially Elementary children. And my kids have all went here since my youngest was in first grade. Unfortunately we are zoned for this school! And please don't even get me started about the coach who is extremely rude and unprofessional. My daughter has been bullied for the past two years. I have had countless meetings with the Principle and she is absolutely no help. I completely don't even understand how she can still be the Principle. And if you question any of the staffs decisions, be prepared to have a battle or being bullied yourself.
This school is a nightmare and that’s being kind. My child went to school there from Kindergarten to fourth grade. And we thought we’d seen and dealt with it all. But we were wrong! Needless to say our child does not go there anymore. And It has been a breeze every.single.day. Our child’s personality has changed 110% , he’s happy and not stressed out or worried over school. And he’s making straight A’s! We feel as his parents that the fourth grade teachers that our child had along with the Principal failed him. Some teachers just shouldn’t be teachers or atleast working with elementary. And that goes for the Principle as well. She does not stand or protect the child. She stands with her staff and that’s being nice. Majority of the staff are extremely rude and unprofessional. My child never felt safe his last two years of going there. From bullying to the teachers cursing calling the students Buttholes with an A. The list goes on! And in some how there was ALWAYS an excuse by the Principal and Assistant Principal for the behavior.(Unless the school board was involved.) Pathetic! We could name off so many other things because the list goes on and on. It’s just extremely sad and upsetting! I mean you’re trusting these people with your entire heart. To be the next best thing. Teaching and protecting our children. Making sure they are and feel safe, since we as parents cannot be there. And they’re failing them. So.. we just hoped to make other parents aware so they know what their family is getting into. And your child don’t have to endure unfortunately what our child and us as a family had to go through.
No support from the staff, a teacher blamed me for her students misbehaving at the end of the day. She was so upset she blamed it on the fact that they went to recess. I'm sure her students have gotten into fights or trouble before. Hopefully the paycheck is worth it.
I'm love my school my teacher has been helpful nice and fun. We have a great principal too.
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