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Connerton Elementary School

Land O' Lakes, FL
  • Public
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 894


Connerton Elementary School
9300 Flourish Drive
Land O' Lakes, FL 34637
(813) 346-1800
Connerton Elementary School is located in Land O' Lakes, FL and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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Professional, caring, welcoming, informing. IEP meetings are educational and cooperative. I have ALWAYS enjoyed my interaction with staff. When an issue arises, I am able to resolve it in a diplomatic manner.
The staff is very committed to students.
I agree with the previous post on most everything. The Principal does not adhere to nor address the bullying issues & does not follow through with your concerns even after meeting with him for conferences. There is way too much bullying in this school! I agree that the office staff is nice. I also agree with the posts on here that the cafeteria is insane! I can't believe how loud it is & don't understand why there are no policies in place to keep the noise down. It's like going to a heavy metal concert and I'm not exaggerating. Go & hear for yourselves! I swear that by the time your kids finish 5th Grade, they will need a hearing aid! The school has way too many students for an elementary school with 1000+ & counting. And guess what, another new resort-like community is currently being built & is zoned for Connerton. I'm taking my son & daughter out of this school after this year because it's one of the worst schools for academics in the area. I have observed other public, charter & private schools while looking for another school and Connerton is way behind. They do not teach the standards from 1st hand observation and that is why they test so low. This is a well-off area with expensive homes but it is rated a 5/10? There is so much wrong with this school and that is why so many parents are pulling their kids out and looking for alternatives. For all those parents that are happy with K-2nd, you are in for a huge awakening! Yes, my son is doing fine in 2nd Grade but he is not doing anything near the standards at the other schools. Please observe other schools and their curriculum! Like my daughter in 3rd Grade, you will realize how little your kids have been taught. There is a huge teaching gap between these 2 grades & there shouldn't be! This is my first year here and the Connerton Community falsely promotes this school!
Positive: My Kindergartener loved his teacher and the school. The front desk staff is friendly and BEYOND helpful. Negative: My 2nd grader however was bullied horribly! I spoke with the teacher about it but it continued. Then I spoke to the Principal and again nothing was done. I eventually pulled them to Homeschool because my 2nd Grader was deteriorating. I couldn’t wait for something to be done anymore. The thing that solidified my decision was when I visited for lunch and the cafeteria was in absolute chaos, then a lunchroom staff member got on the mic and started screaming at them. While I detest writing anything negative about people who give their lives to kids; I feel like this needs to be said. Maybe something will be done so another child doesn’t lose out on a typical school experience. My kids now have to sacrifice because trusted adults wouldn’t help them. I’m sad and angry that there was NO resolution for them or their bullies.
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