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Palm Bay Elementary School

Palm Bay, FL
  • Public
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  • Grades PK-6
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  • Enrollment: 633


Palm Bay Elementary School
1200 Alamanda Road Northeast
Palm Bay, FL 32905
(321) 723-1055
Palm Bay Elementary School is located in Palm Bay, FL and serves grades PK-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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I have not yet had a positive experience with this school. I particularly don't after with the confiscation and redistribution of the students personal supplies. I bought my child very nice, somewhat expensive school supplies and she is currently not using any of them although several other students are.
It's like every year they have a different principle and staff who doesn't know how to follow the rules that are put in place. I have had a problem every year with my son being either bullied or bothered. Now my son is far from an angel, but if there is a problem no matter how big or small it is, the parent should always be notified. If we as the parents are not notified, so we can correct our kids at home, then they will never straighten up while at school. Teachers want to say that they have no time to always contact a parent. SERIOUSLY! These kids are going to get tired of constantly saying stuff to teachers about other kids bothering them, with nothing getting done, because we never find out, that they take it into their own hands. And when they get ISS(in school suspension), parents are not notified before a referral is written, because the teachers didn't have time or couldn't, us parents have to go in and deal with some really incompetent people. If my son started something, I want to know so I can take care of it. If the other kid started I want to know what's being done about it. I know of 5 parents of 5 different kids, who are pulling their kids out of this school because of different issues. It should not be like this. Then for me as a parent to be told by the teacher that it's the end of the school year, the kids usually act up because they are done. Then to go on and say the TEACHERS ARE DONE AS WELL. Really!?!?! Teachers should not be done until that last second of that last day of school. If you feel that way you should have never signed up to be a teacher. We as parents should be comfortable with school our kids are in.
Totally completely agree with the previous review. Since Migliosi Left this school has turned into a complete disastor.. the pricipal is a complete nightmare and is suspend happy and also screams at the children.. this has passed on to the teachers who no longer care about her students.. My fiancee who is now 35 went to this school when he was a child and told us we will not be returning next year
I read all the reviews on here and it seems like the only time this school was run right was when some Dr.B was there.Well I gotta say the principal they have now is suspend happy"even on the mentally I'll"now that's pathetic,now my son I all confused,ever since they put this miss Gilbert in there,my son don't know how to act.
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