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Coleman Middle School

Tampa, FL
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 982


Coleman Middle School
1724 South Manhattan Avenue
Tampa, FL 33629
(813) 872-5335
Coleman Middle School is located in Tampa, FL and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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This school is truly terrible. The teachers are the ones who bully. The guidance counselor doesn’t care about the kids . The office staff is rude and do not have social skills. My child hated going there every day. Educators should know better than to behave the way the staff at this school does. Every day felt like we were going back in time to less civilized people. I write this review because if I had known the truth it could have saved my child from such a terrible experience. Hopefully this review helps others.
My son has had a great experience at Coleman. He has made many friends and his grades are extremely good. He likes his teachers very much and feels challenged by the curriculum. Coleman is a wonderful school. Middle school has been smooth sailing for our family.
My daughter is just about to complete 7th grade and has one more year at Coleman - I definitely was concerned about the transition from elementary to middle, and had seen mixed reviews on the internet -- but ANYONE I talked with in person about current OR past experience with Coleman, was extremely positive and made me feel at ease. The principal is very involved - his children attended (and It is my understanding that he did as well).The teachers have been great (my daughter had a bad experience in 1 class this year and in 1 class last year - very tough teachers), but this is LIFE and not every teacher will be liked - it is better that they learn NOW rather than LATER.I read comments about foul language - I think the values learned at home play a big part in this - foul language will always be around, we hear it every day in public, at sports events, on tv etc. - it is important that we don't put 100% blame on the schools (if this language is coming from the kids, they are getting it somewhere (whether it be at home from older siblings or parents, or in the games they play or television they watch) It is important as a parent to prepare our child for that middle school experience - If it isn't spoken or acceptable in the home, then it will be harder for a child to use the language elsewhere.... Bullying: I have asked my daughter on several occasions if she has been bullied or witnessed it and the answer has always been a solid "NO".1 year left to go and crossing my fingers that all is good for 8th - I can only speak of my experience as a parent with a child at Coleman (and my daughter loves the school - the first thing out of my mouth to my daughter when it comes to possible punishment for bad behavior would be "next year you might be going to private school instead of Coleman" and it stops any thought of negative behavior in its tracks :)I give Coleman middle an "A" rating!
At first we were thrilled to attend Coleman as we came from neighboring Grady Elementary and a fabulous experience. We assumed the experience would be similar as Grady is a feeder school. The staff at Coleman and Principal/Leadership is abrasive and non apologetic. The language and experiences coming home is beyond unacceptable, shame on you Coleman leadership. Talk of VERY inappropriate topics are commonplace, especially for the 6th graders. This school only cares about teaching the kids to pass the state tests to keep their status and funding vs teaching the kids to learn and be better humans. We have decided to pull our son and go to private school for next year. Grady was fantastic, Coleman is by far the most underwhelming school with over blown egos and leadership we have ever experienced.
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