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Kenly Elementary School

Tampa, FL
  • Public
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 539


Kenly Elementary School
2909 North 66th Street
Tampa, FL 33619
(813) 744-8074
Kenly Elementary School is located in Tampa, FL and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 1 out of 10
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I attended this school 32 yrs ago an loved it. Now I am so mad an disappointed. I ready to pull my son out this week. These teachers do not care at ALL! just attending open house yesterday to meet with my son's teachers I several times tried to talk with them an let them know about my son's ADHD an was blew off several times. REALLY? I tried to fix something this morning I made a mistake on an had to go get her after several attempts. She changed the mistake an walked off. I pick my son up from his first day an he says mom can I go back to my old school please! after talking with him about his day there was no learning at all that they did. his other teacher was not at school today. then I also receive a note home saying they had to redirect him several times. you think I tried to talk to you about these issues before today for a reason. it also said for him to leave principals an paper at home please. Are you joking #1 they were a part of his school supplies #2 how do you expect him to learn with out the proper tools to succeed. before the end of the week I may transfer back to his old school. there is no future for him here. this school has gone down the toilet literally just breaks my heart but I will not allow my child to be left behind.
My son has attended this Kenly since kindergarten. In that time, I have seen 2 principals come & go, several teachers have left, the teachers that Do care are the ones that are leaving. The school is not expecting the children to perform at a higher level, they are allowing the children to Not perform. There is also a Severe disconnect between the staff & parents. When the children misbehave, there is not much done about it if the child is a minority, whereas, if the child is Not a "minority" it is something different. The non-minority children area allowed to be bullied by the students that are minorities, and the staff does nothing to stop it. But if the child being bullied stands up for themselves, they are told that they are over-reacting & that "it's not that bad" or that they "need to stop being so sensitive"
I believe it is my responsibility to warn parents about this school. Kind of like when you get a severe weather warning to depart that area. My children will not attend this school ever again even if they paid me a million dollars! I can tell you the principle and vice principle to include all faculty members are totally unprofessional and they don't care about our children. The leadership is rude and dysfunctional and there is no remedy to fix it. These same people are always crying about a pay raise but can not even do their job. My children are not getting the education, nor attention needed to be successful. Please, think on other educational opportunities to consider like Home Schooling or Private before enrolling your child at this pile sinking rust bucket of a so called educational facility! If you have ears to hear eyes to see, you'll take heed and do everything in your power to keep your child from attending here........This school will help facilitate your child to be the worse that they can be!!!!!!!!!!!
This school is needs to be shut down! My children are not learning and they complained everyday how miserable they are at Kenly elementary school. The principle and vice principle needs to find a new occupation because this school only creates ignorant students. I've never seen a school as bad as this one. This is exactly why we need the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship passed! I will not allow this school to corrupt my children!
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