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Smiley Elementary School

Ludowici, GA
  • Public
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  • Grades K-3
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  • Enrollment: 1170


Smiley Elementary School
1530 Georgia 57
Ludowici, GA 31316
(912) 545-2147
Smiley Elementary School is located in Ludowici, GA and serves grades K-3.
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Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Native American
Two or more races

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The experience was a rough road. One teacher bullied my child in Kindergarten and parents witnessed her yelling at her entire class nothing was done about this situation. My child came home with a bruise from being grabbed by teacher again nothing done yes was reported. The teacher picked on special needs students. My child was not the first as turns out has happened in previous years. My child got a RED for touching the wall while walking down hall. As I know this behavior is unacceptable but does NOT merit a RED especially in kindergarten. My child was ultimately changed classrooms where did much better no bad colors rest of the year. First grade had a good teacher my child responded well to her and she understood his needs. The school curriculum could use an overhaul to enable teachers to give bright students a chance to do harder work in a normal class so are not bored. The school nurse also let my child sit in his poop on a plastic trash bag whe had an accident in front of everyone. Upon arrival popoped was down popped legs due to being sick. You are a nurse put on some gloves at least wipes child legs so the child isnt so embarrassed and place in an area where people are not walking by constantly break a child spirit. Also parent pick up is ridiculous it is crowding in a gym of parents who are pushing to get thier child. A better system would be more appropriate. There are 2 doors. One side pre k to 1st other 2nd to 4th. There is a lot that could be done to tweak the school to be a more acceptable. Overall education is decent if you get a good teacher who is well rounded. The awards children recieve by teachers and principals were also bias to favoritism of a student not for actual academics. Hope my review can help someone just monitor your child and talk to them daily about thier experiences my child personally went from loving school to scared to attend and having accidents daily from teacher bullying. We have since pulled our child out of smiley and placed in a new school were is making strides is in gifted and top of the class academically.
Excellent. Good teachers, nice atmosphere, and great involvement.
Overall I think Smiley is a great school with some really amazing teachers. I've never had any issues with my children's teachers, they have been so easy to communicate with and gladly listen to my concerns. Mrs. Whites taught my kindergartener during the '15-'16 school year. She has such a sweet, kind, patient, caring demeanor, you know she truly adores children. My daughter was so sad to leave her class, especially so knowing we are moving out of state over the summer and she won't be able to see Mrs. Whites at all. I sincerely hope we encounter more teachers like Mrs. Whites through the years. One of the things that I consider a negative about Smiley is the lack of a music class. I feel that musical arts can benefit children and their development tremendously. However, they do have an art class taught by Miss Walden, my kids really enjoyed being in her classroom! Every school has pros and cons, but at Smiley the pros definitely outweigh the cons.
My grand daughter has been living with me since she has started school, this has been a real experience for us and the teachers and the principal has worked with my grand daughter and ourselves for the past couple years. I think the education and the caring for all the students are outstanding and my grand daughter has excelled in her all her classes.
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