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Long considered Logan Square's largely anonymous neighbor, Avondale has recently built a reputation as a hotspot in its own right. Yes, Avondale is still considered one of the most residential neighborhoods in the city, but the consistent and steady opening of new restaurants, bars, and locally owned shops have created a neighborhood that is the envy of the Northwest area. Intimate yet spacious, this neighborhood fosters both a strong local community while being home to several big box stores, promising that you don't have to leave the area to check off your shopping list. This quietly hip neighborhood is quickly staking its claim as a favorite for locals who want a single-family home with a yard for a bargain--which isn't supposed to be possible in Chicago.

Homes in Avondale

Where To Live

Belmont and Addison Avenues, the main east-west streets that cut through the neighborhood, are predominantly condominium and townhome developments that hug the busier stretches of Avondale, giving residents a more affordable albeit more congested experience. Between these two main avenues are the myriad of side streets that host single-family homes, making Avondale an integral part of Chicago's famed "Bungalow Belt." Although living along the side streets is not as convenient for shopping or parking, those streets provide the neighborly experience that many homeowners seek in this area.

Price Vibes

Despite its recent surge in popularity, Avondale's reputation for being an affordable neighborhood is still largely intact, although it seems to be heading more in the direction of Logan Square every day. Those looking for an even better bargain (and who don't mind a longer commute) would be better off in neighboring Hermosa, but even so, Avondale's unusually spacious homes are a rarity on the Northwest Side.

Around Avondale

Where To Eat

Avondale tends towards diners and low-key eateries rather than Michelin-star aspirations. Avondale is a combination of well-known national brands and locally famous institutions. Kedzie and Kimball Avenues have the more recognizable fast food chains to go along with the large retailers, but Elston and Belmont Avenues have the local flair that gives this area a dynamic food scene. Unassuming storefronts can have lines out the door for their reimagined American fare and small carryout restaurants offer rich and decadent meals at nearly all hours. There are a few restaurants that offer more formal, white tablecloth experiences, but these are the exception.

Friday Night Fun

Head to your corner bar to get the night started where you're sure to spot some neighbors. There are a couple of theaters along Elston and Belmont Avenues where you can catch a performance before continuing your night. Elston Avenue has a mix of Irish pubs and dive bars, while the eastern end of Belmont has craft beer bars that attract residents from the surrounding neighborhoods. For capping off the night, the west side of Belmont has late-night bars that range from dives to dance clubs.

The Perfect Sunday

A walk along Elston or Milwaukee Avenues will provide several options for a quick brunch. Brands Park, Avondale Neighborhood Park, and the Chicago River provide green spaces for relaxing with a book on a beautiful day or catching an informal game at the baseball diamonds or tennis courts. Check out the new exhibition in the Puerto Rican Arts Alliance or go shopping at one of the several European-inspired specialty stores.

Transportation Options

The Belmont Blue Line stop is the most reliable and highly trafficked public transportation option in Avondale, which takes you directly to the Loop or to O'Hare Airport, making this neighborhood a convenient place to call home for Downtown workers. Milwaukee Avenue, which serves as one of the main thoroughfares on the Northwest Side, cuts right through Avondale, making it easy to get to the Loop or to the far Northwest Side via bus or car (if you can tolerate a little traffic, that is). Despite its distance from the city center, Avondale is actually a surprisingly convenient neighborhood to live in, as Interstate 90/94 also has a highly trafficked on-ramp in the neighborhood, so you can get virtually anywhere in Chicago in just a few minutes.

Living Here

Locals Love

Tree-lined streets • Strong sense of community • Many retail options • Easy access to expressway

Residents Say

Avondale, even though it's a few miles from the Loop, is actually a fairly convenient neighborhood to call home. I can do all of my shopping without leaving a handful of square blocks, but there are also new bars and restaurants moving in all the time, probably from the spillover from Logan Square. But locals don't mind--it's hard to believe that anything could upend the strong sense of community we have here and who doesn't love a new place to hang out?
- Avondale Resident

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