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A sizeable neighborhood that is often associated with its close neighbor, Douglas, Bronzeville has long been known as a cultural center for southern comfort food and jazz and blues clubs. Sam Cooke, Lou Rawls, and Louis Armstrong are just some of the famous performers to call Bronzeville home. Bronzeville's lineage also includes famous writers and activists like Ida B. Wells, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Bessie Coleman. Recent revitalization efforts have once again reinvigorated the 47th Street corridor, affirming its place as the cultural heart of the area. Residents also enjoy proximity to the 31st Street Beach on Lake Michigan, and a short jaunt across a pedestrian bridge takes you to Bridgeport, where you can see the White Sox play at Guaranteed Rate Field.

Homes in Bronzeville

Where To Live

The area north of 47th Street and east of the Dan Ryan has various housing opportunities as well as centralized shops and restaurants. You will find several housing complexes and condos in Bronzeville. Living off of the major streets like Cottage Grove and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenues provide convenient access to public transportation routes to and from Downtown.

Price Vibes

Slightly less expensive than surrounding areas like Kenwood, Bronzeville is filled with a mix of large single-family homes and spacious rowhomes. Many newly developed homes are intermixed with historic greystone buildings. Although more affordable compared to some other similar areas of Chicago, the closer you get to the lakefront, the more the prices of the homes go up. Bronzeville real estate prices are comparable to those in McKinley Park and Douglas, but less expensive than Bridgeport and Pilsen.

Around Bronzeville

Where To Eat

The south side of this area has diverse cuisine options for all types of cravings. Home cooking and casual dining venues are notorious in this area, with several more upscale chicken and grill establishments in proximity. Coffee houses and lounges are popular in this area as well, with several prominent venues featuring upscale American and Italian dining.

Friday Night Fun

With an active nightlife scene, Bronzeville has bars and hangout spots for all audiences, both large and small. Young professionals living in the city or surrounding neighborhoods often frequent the lounges and jazz clubs in this area. A fun Friday night might start with a local BBQ and end with live music and drinks.

The Perfect Sunday

The diverse heritage of this neighborhood presents itself in various forms. Cultural events, performances, and community activities create many options for family-friendly recreation. In addition, performances at live music and entertainment venues are plentiful on the weekends. Bronzeville's fun and friendly atmosphere makes the area's lounges and restaurants ideal weekend destinations.

Transportation Options

The Red Line runs along the west border of Bronzeville, letting off at 35th-Sox and 47th Street. The Green Line train runs through the heart of the community, with stops at 35th-Bronzeville-IIT, Indiana, 43rd Street, 47th Street, and 51st Street, ensuring that you'll be able to be dropped off near your destination, wherever you're going. Driving north and south is easy due to Bronzeville's proximity to Interstate 90 and Lake Shore Drive. Major north/south bus routes include Martin Luther King Drive, State Street, LaSalle Avenue, and Indiana Avenue. Going east/west, residents can hop on a bus on East 35th Street, Pershing Road, 43rd Street, 47th Street, and 51st Street. Bronzeville's sheer size means that walking to your destination will not be easy, but the number of public transportation options in the neighborhood make it possible to get around.

Living Here

Locals Love

Eclectic fried and home-style cooking • Newly renovated recreational environments

Residents Say

We bought our first home in Bronzeville because we wanted our children to experience the community and culture of the neighborhood. We love living on the South Side without moving too far from our friends in downtown.
- Bronzeville Resident

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