Chicago, Illinois


Sprawling across the western boundaries of the city, Austin is Chicago's most populous neighborhood and host to a diverse and passionate community. The sheer size of the area, which spans from Garfield Park in the east to the edge of Oak Park in the west, makes it one of the most expansive in Chicago and home to a wide range of architecture, culture, and personality.

Homes in Austin

Where To Live

Austin offers a number of multi-room houses and smaller condominium complexes. Galewood, the northwest pocket of the neighborhood, is a popular destination for new residents and first-time homebuyers. "The Island," an isolated zone in the southwest corner, is also a common landing spot for those seeking a unique Austin experience.

Around Austin

Where To Eat

Southern cuisine, Cajun, and soul food abound here, particularly in the southern area. However, the size of Austin means that a number of choices are available. On any given street you may find Mexican, Thai, or even Greek restaurants to check out. No matter where you are, expect your culinary options to be locally owned and customer-oriented.

Friday Night Fun

A number of bars and theaters dot the northern landscape in Austin, offering plenty of choices for those looking to unwind with an evening lager or a late night film. This active community often organizes opportunities for local artists, musicians, and poets to get together and perform, adding to the area's sense of unity and pride. Keep an eye on the neighborhood bulletins for a chance to catch one of these gatherings.

The Perfect Sunday

Take a stroll through the parks and stop by one of the playing fields or courts for a quick game of touch football or softball with friends. Chances are, you'll be joined by fellow members of the community, along with the many youth leagues that are sure to be active on a nice weekend.

Living Here

Locals Love

The variety of an expansive neighborhood • Pockets of historic homes. • Convenient highway access and parking.

Homes for Sale

Think Austin might be the right neighborhood for you?

There are plenty of potential dream homes for sale!

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