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The City of Fulshear: Overview

Fulshear, Texas is a small but growing city about 35 miles southeast of Houston. With sprawling homes and large trees that cover the flat Texas landscape, the neighborhoods here are surrounded by farms, ranches, and small businesses. Fulshear offers a relaxed, small-town vibe and a welcoming community, close enough to the city of Houston to borrow from its culture while still maintaining its own rural charm.

Around Fulshear

People choose to live in Fulshear because of its wholesome, small-town culture and its proximity to downtown Houston. Residents can expect a mixture of a rural atmosphere and the modern sophistication of a big city here in Fulshear, with a handful of excellent dining options around town, along with annual festivities during Independence Day, Christmas, and Saint Patrick's Day. There is a community-wide celebration in this city every 2-3 months, bringing together the people that live and work in Fulshear.

The median home price in Fulshear is substantially higher than homes in downtown Houston. Compared to nearby suburbs, Fulshear homes are also more expensive, and these numbers have increase in the past few years. A major reason for this difference in price is the sheer size of the homes in Fulshear.

Many residents in Fulshear commute into Houston for work. The most direct route into downtown Houston from Fulshear is the Westpark Tollway, which is about a 50-minute drive during rush hour. There is no public transit connecting Fulshear with Houston, and there isn’t any public transportation within the town limits. However, many of the local grocery stores, restaurants, post office, and other small businesses are within walking distance from homes in the area. Getting around Fulshear is pleasant and simple as there is very little traffic here.

Schools that service the Fulshear area are Fulshear High School, Huggins Elementary School, James Randolph Elementary School, and Dean Leaman Junior High School. For supplemental early education, check out the Fulshear Early Learning Center for one-on-one tutoring. The closest colleges to the town of Fulshear are the University of Houston, Houston Community College in Katy, Fortis College, and Springfield College. All of these institutions are less than an hour away.

Every year, the City of Fulshear hosts several community-organized events to boost local business and honor the town's rich history. The fun starts in the spring with a Saint Patrick’s Day Party in March, and then the Keep Fulshear Beautiful Spring and Fall Festival during April and September. An Independence Day celebration in early July brings residents out in full force for cookouts, live music, and fireworks, and the month of December is dedicated to The Festival of Lights to celebrate Christmas and the winter season. Enjoy seeing the large, beautifully decorated homes around town during the holiday season.


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